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Table of Contents

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Bizongo raised ₹1L for Thalassemia patients with Impact Run

August 2, 2023
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Run. Run for impact. Run because you are young. Run because another life depends on you.

With a small team of 74 people at Bizongo, walking day-in and day-out, we found the perfect solution to ring in the New Year: initiating Startup Social Responsibility, or SSR, if you may.

’Cause, why should only corporate giants have all the fun?

The cause? Sweat for their Blood towards Thalassemia patients.

With a little genius twist.

The little genius twist of donating without signing cheques; donating without conducting charity dinners; donating without spending a single penny.

But simply doing routine things and expending energy.

Like, walking.

Walking when in a mall; walking when taking business calls; walking when going out for chai, or just walking, because it gives a high.

But walk.

Because another life depends on you.

Divided into 6 teams of 12, the ‘White Walkers’ clocked the highest kilometers.

Clocking more than 1200 kilometers, in just 20 days, who knew ‘Valar Dohaeris’ was more than just a phrase for them.

By the Old Gods and New, the men and women, served well.

Meanwhile, another team, staying true to their name — Flash — came out of nowhere, climbing up the League ladder from 5th position, beating all statistically impossible odds. Finishing in the second place, these underdogs were just a kilometer from beating the top dogs.

There were sprinting Bengal Tigers and clean Johnnie Walker’s, Bolts who were nuts and dreamy Dream Walkers.

All of them walking. All of them competing.

And boy was the competition fierce!

Here Are Some Actual Fierce Experiences From During the League

  • Waking up at 4 a.m. to cover a few extra kilometers.
  • Choosing to walk a few kilometers, (read: 4+) instead of using local transport.
  • Bringing running shoes to office, for post-office walk-a-thons.
  • Conducting walk-a-thons before dinner, after dinner, pre-lunch, post lunch, on weekday evenings, or basically whenever time would permit.
  • Seeing some other team member walking and then starting to run.
  • Ditching spouses on Valentine’s Day, also the last day, to gain excess lead

Such was the manic desire to win, only getting aggravated with each passing day. More surprisingly, there was nothing in it for the walking folks.

It was neither for fame, nor for glory.

Neither for money, nor for some trophy.

But just one noble cause.

Sweat for their Blood. Because another life depends on you.

Every kilometer walked, was equal to, Rs.10 donated.Every drop sweated, was equal to, a smile donated.

And that is a priceless motivation.

With this relentless walking, Bizongo helped achieve a milestone of ₹1,00,000, towards Think Foundation, donated by Aarti Group.

A little about Impactrun

  • It was a zero investment fundraiser, unlike big marathons or charity events where you are supposed to pay for participation.
  • Just opening the app while walking, daily, did the trick.
  • Now sit back, and imagine — Imagine millions of people across the world, walking daily as a part of their daily life. Now, imagine the phenomenal donations.
  • Insane? We thought this: If a team of 74 can create ripples, it won’t take much time to bring on a Tsunami of change.
Collaborating with ImpactRun and donating the young, cheerful energy at Bizongo, towards the cause of Thalassemia patients.

ImpactRun was an unusual experience. It gave a purpose and a beautiful memory.

Try it out! Download the app to do your bit for the society, without going out of your routine. They have the app on both Android and iOS .

Cover image courtesy: vnmanpower

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