Celebrating High-Spirited Women at Bizongo: Women's Day

She believed she could, so she did.

Famous names like Indra Nooyi, Sheryl Sandberg, Chanda Kochhar, Sudha Murthy, Hilary Clinton, and many others have reached the pinnacle of strength in their lives due to just one single thing. Belief. They believed in themselves. They believed in their own capabilities. They believed they could achieve what they had set out to do.

And what better day to fuel the same belief in the women at Bizongo than on International Women’s Day.

This year we wanted the women at Bizongo to cherish their womanhood. And boy, with the sequence of surprises and celebrations, did we succeed in doing so?!

I guess the smiles say it all :)

Women's day celebration - smiley faces


Women, surprises and a splash of refreshing laughter. The People Success team made sure the special day doesn’t go without a bang. A rosy welcome (Literally, yes! Every woman was given a rose as soon as they entered the office) was followed by the women of Bizongo being rewarded with their well-deserved gifts.

Well, who wouldn’t love customized leather pouches slipped in thoughtful jute bags? This is how mine looks. And, did I mention the cherry on the cake? A bar of chocolate.

Women's day celebration - jute pouch  and chocolate

From this point on, the experience graph for the women at Bizongo just soared higher! The next two hours was all about some wise words from a woman of substance, soothing refreshments and guess what? Cake!

Women's day celebration - cake

Thoughtful message boards were also put up all across the office for the amazing Bizongo women.

Women's day celebration - thoughtful message board

The celebration bagged an extra medal when the ladies started posing for the pictures, or maybe too many pictures, or maybe too many poses? Well clearly ‘too many’ is our favorite word, (chuckles).

Women's day celebration

Oh, and did I miss letting you in on the introduction of a new policy? The change is driven towards enabling a conducive working environment for women and the women at Bizongo are loving it! You want in on the secret? For that, you’ll have to join us. :D

Words Of Wisdom

While fun formed an important part of the day, we also wanted to add meaning to it. And we did this by inviting Suhani Mohan - Founder & CEO, Saral Designs. Suhani’s growth trajectory in the Social Entrepreneurship space has been exponential. From being an Analyst at Deutsche Bank to winning the Woman Super Achiever award and making a tangible difference towards menstrual hygiene in India, #padwoman has come a long way.

Her startup is currently working on increasing access to high-quality affordable sanitary napkins using a smart distributed manufacturing technology developed in-house.

Her presence at Bizongo combined with her discussion on the work being done at Saral Designs not only felt inspirational but aspirational as well.

And once Suhani gave over the mic to the audience, the women in the house used the opportunity unreservedly. They asked questions, sought advice, and consumed every last detail of the interactive discussion. The energy in the room was encouraging.

The keynote speech by Suhani Mohan was surely worth the while!

Suhani Mohan - Founder & CEO,  Saral Designs


Unity builds bridges! Nonetheless, Bizongo also wanted to live up to the theme of International Women’s Day and hence a full day Pop-up stall by the NGO ‘Sankalp Vidyarthi Sangh’ was also put up at the office. The fund for SVS was raised through sales made through the day. An equivalent amount was also matched by Bizongo in order to help Saral Designs. Through this initiative, we played our own little part in enabling 2 women-led organizations in the social space towards a better future.

Finding Unity in Diversity has always poured in strength at Bizongo and this Women’s Day was no less.

Women's day celebration - pop up stalls NGO

Oh, by the way, I’m not done yet.

In true Bizongo style, this event couldn’t have been completed without a video. Have a look at what the Bizongo Women had to say on their special day!

Happy women, bright as sunny days ain’t a myth. With numerous opportunities striking, be it grassroots activism or massive global action, we're knowingly or unknowingly entering an exciting world of balance. This balance is what becomes the need of the hour. Hence let’s all stand up to #balanceforbetter.