Bizongo's ESG Scorecard For Business Growth Planning

Digitization with Bizongo’s single unified platform makes your supply chain processes efficient & resilient. We’re going beyond just offering you a platform, to make your business adopt sustainable ESG practices. Know your ESG score with Bizongo and plan ways to transform ESG compliance, attracting large and global enterprises looking for ESG-compliant suppliers.

ESG Scorecard - Your Ticket to Sustainable Success!

Answering a set of simple questions and uploading a few documents about your value chain, you’ll unlock a wealth of insights.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Sources and uses
GHG Emissions
Water Management
Waste Management
Circular Economy
Biodiversity and ecosystem
Health and safety of employees/workers
Human rights
Business innovation
Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities
Social Accountability and responsibility
Working conditions
Responsible Information Management
Whistleblower Management

Measure Your Sustainability and Make an Impact

Want to stand out in the market and attract a global customer base? Complete the ESG form and receive an assessment of your ESG performance, including a scorecard rating and a detailed report with areas of improvement. Scoring well on the scorecard gives you a competitive edge in the market.

Reach and Convert Large Enterprises

Vendors who score well on the scorecard have a competitive advantage in the market, as well as an opportunity to tap into a global customer base by reaching and converting large enterprises that require ESG compliance from their suppliers.

Enhance Your Brand Value

ESG practices improve your brand value and reputation in the market. Customers and investors are increasingly valuing companies that prioritize sustainability and ethics, which results in increased loyalty, trust, and profitability.

Get Access to Capital Subsidies by Government

Vendors who score high on the ESG Scorecard can apply for numerous government initiatives such as the Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) certification, which offers capital subsidies and incentives from the Indian Government and Financial Institutions.

Save Costs through Water and Energy Management

Prioritizing ESG practices identifies and mitigates risks in your business operations. Adopt sustainable and ethical practices to reduce your business’s operational costs and prevent regulatory penalties. Save costs on water usage and energy management, which directly contributes to your bottom line.

Join us in Building a Sustainable Future

ESG is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for businesses that seek to thrive in a super competitive landscape. Partner with us, measure your ESG Score, and enhance your sustainability efforts.

Take the first step towards building a better future for generations to come.
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