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Why wait for hours to create e-invoices when you can do so in just a few seconds with our Instainvoice feature? Skip filling complicated forms on government portals. Eliminate human errors in e-invoicing and maximize GST compliance.

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Invoice Details
# INV/23-24/GAV0001
October 8, 2024
Sanjay Dogra
Behind Chotti Galli
Dehradun, Uttarakhand
India, 248001

Product Details
Product Name
Acme Industries Inc.

Tax Invoice # INV/23-24/GAV0001

Billed to Sanjay Dogra

Cotton Shirt HSN 72249091
100.00 Rolls
Cotton Shirt HSN 72249091
100.00 Rolls
Total INR 1100.00

Pay to
IBCI Bank A/c 000002220122112
Swift Code 99288122

100% Accurate GST E-Invoice Generator

Enter your and your customer’s GSTIN and our intelligent tech will auto-populate accurate invoice details, including your taxation, auto-submitting your e-invoice on the portal. This triggers instant Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and QR Code generation for payment.

1. Enter Invoice Data
Cotton Shirt 62052000
2. GST Rate & Party Validation
5-12% 62052000
Smartpaddle verified

Tax Invoice

65tyjuyp 987ut67y 8ui90poi 97uyt66y h65tyjuy p987ut67
4. Invoice Generated
65tyjuyp 987ut67y 8ui90poi 97uyt66y h65tyjuy p987ut67
3. eInvoice & IRN Generation

One Place for All Your
E-Invoicing Needs

Keep track of all your invoices, payment due dates, and outstanding balances in a single dashboard. What’s best is you don’t require to go anywhere as our e-invoice portal offers a complete e-invoicing solution that's fast and secure.

Management for Accounting Ease

Worried about last-minute consignment changes and invoice cancellations? Our platform is designed to save you from the hassle of creating manual debit and credit notes on the government portal by automating e-invoice creation and submission. Track changes to your e-invoices and manage them efficiently.


notifications_active Remind
cancel Cancel
article CN/012/23-24
INR 23,50,000.00
INR 50,000.00
INR 12,24,000.00
INR 1,56,000.00

Data Security

ISO 27001 with SOC2 type 2 Certification for data protection. Reduce the risk of fraud and unauthorized access to your sensitive financial data. 


Invoice Customization

Add details such as miscellaneous charges, custom notes, brand logo, rate, units, etc. Set invoice number series and automate invoice number creation.


On-the-go E-invoicing

InstaInvoice works on all devices, including mobile, so you can generate your e-invoices on the go.

Benefits beyond E-Invoicing: A Single-source Integrated Platform

Leverage our state-of-the-art supply chain platform and gain unparalleled benefits.

Digital Delivery Confirmation

Generate e-PODs or digital delivery confirmation notes for your customers in seconds and fast-track payment.

Easy E-Way Bills

Create GST E-way bills in one click to avoid any post-shipment delays.

Catalog Management

Auto-create catalogs and price lists from your invoices.


Faster Payments
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Usual Invoice

Benefits beyond E-Invoicing: A Single-source Integrated Platform

Fast-tracked payments

Your e-invoices are always 100% accurate and therefore are accepted by the government portal instantly. Send your accurate e-invoices to your customers directly from the platform to trigger faster payments.

100% GST Compliance

Full conformity to all government mandates for businesses greater than ₹5 Cr turnover. Accurate taxation means your business is always tax compliant.

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Frequently asked questions

An e-invoice, short for electronic invoice, is a digital version of a traditional paper invoice that is filed on the Government e-invoicing portal. E-invoice contains all the essential details of a transaction between a buyer and a seller, such as the items or services provided, their prices, taxes, and payment terms. E-invoices are generated and exchanged electronically, usually in standardized formats, making them more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to paper invoices.

You can manually submit your E Invoice on GST Portal but using InstaInvoice to ensure accuracy, save your time and effort. Bizongo’s e-invoice portal offers a fast, secure, and complete e-invoicing solution. 

Using e-invoices offers several advantages, such as reducing paperwork, saving time, and minimizing errors.

It also helps in faster processing and simplifies record-keeping. Additionally, e-invoices can be easily shared between businesses, enhancing communication and transparency in transactions.

Moreover, businesses with an annual turnover of over 5 crores must comply with the government's e-invoicing requirements in FY 2023-24 and onwards. Using Bizongo's E-invoicing portal is a smart move to transform the accounting process. Such E Invoice GST Portal & GST Invoice Generator can not only help you generate Instant Invoice but also file them instantly on the Government's invoice portal.

E-invoicing streamlines the accounting process by automating many tasks. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces the chances of errors, and ensures that invoices are processed faster. This efficiency leads to better accuracy in financial records and frees up time for accounting professionals to focus on more strategic tasks.

Moreover an E Invoicing Portal like Bizongo offers a fast, secure, and complete e-invoicing solution.  Such a GST Invoice Maker can help you to eliminate invoicing errors - rate, date, quantity, buyer information, invoice number, units, price, stamp/seal, etc!

E-invoicing often complies with tax regulations and standards more effectively than paper invoices. It ensures that invoices contain all the required information and are issued in the correct format. This helps businesses adhere to tax laws and regulations, reducing the risk of penalties or disputes.

Starting FY 2023-24, companies must follow e-invoicing rules if their turnover exceeds the set limit in any FY from 2017-18 to 2022-23. This includes the combined turnover of all GSTINs under a single PAN in India.

Bizongo is a GST E Invoice Portal that offers 100% conformity to all government mandates for businesses greater than ₹5 Cr turnover! This E Invoice GST Portal will help you Eliminate human errors in invoicing and maximize GST compliance.

Generating an e-invoice typically involves using specialized accounting or invoicing software. You enter the transaction details, and the software creates a digital invoice in the appropriate format. A GST Invoice Generator like Bizongo can help you generate Instant Invoices that maximizes compliance, and offers 100% accuracy, fast, and security.