One Platform to Empower Your Vendor Ecosystem

A single unified platform that enables bringing your vendors online and digitizing their supply chains. Integrate your vendors’ supply chains on our intelligent platform and grow your business with transactional visibility beyond POs and invoices. Access financial institutions that are embedded into our platform to provide your vendors with speedy supply chain financing.

Platform to Gain Supply Chain Agility & Resilience

100% Digitized Source to Pay Life Cycle

Why partially digitize your supply chain when our platform offers complete digitization, and faster data throughout with built-in platform intelligence, and predictive abilities?

Reduce human errors
Boost compliance
Save cost
Achieve a speedier go-to-market

Unified Approach to Managing Multiple Vendors

Is managing multiple vendors offline causing disruptions in your supply chain? With our unified platform, bring your vendors online and manage them in a standardized way, in one place. With our proprietary AI-powered transaction score, reduce risk, and increase resiliency in your business.

Single window for all vendors
Digitally manage POs, catalogs, delivery proofs, e-way bills & more
AI-powered transaction score

Growth Acceleration for Your Vendors

Is your vendors' limited or no access to financial institutions, along with manual paperwork, causing delays in vendor payments? Our platform provides speedy access to financial institutions for vendor payments.

With quick disbursals of funds and efficient management of documents like e-PODs and e-invoices, you can close transactions quickly to optimize, and fast-track your supply chain.

AI-powered raw material price visibility
Enhance factory management
Achieve growth at scale

Platform-led Digital Ecosystem to Grow Your Business

Ours is the only platform to offer a digital ecosystem of enterprises, vendors, and financial institutions, offering a holistic growth opportunity to you and your vendors.

One Platform to Boost Compliance

No more spending hours reconciling documents for audits. With real-time features like vehicle validation and shipment tracking, your visibility into the movement of goods increases manifold. Our platform brings transaction authentication to your fingertips and also gives you visibility into your vendors’ raw material purchases.

Only Platform with Embedded Financing

With deep intelligence on transactional data, our embedded financing institution network can provide financing at scale to your entire vendor network, thus empowering them. Our platform-led processes are designed to provide you with end-to-end visibility into order details and cash history.

Vendor Network to Improve Procurement Quality

Only platform where a vast number of businesses benefit by competitive pricing from our platform’s live bidding feature. Create multiple bidding events and define purchase criteria. Award bids in real time by analyzing bids from different vendors.

Platform to Make Your Business More Profitable

Simplified Access to Financial Institutions

Are your vendors struggling to meet increased demand due to working capital constraints? With embedded financing, free their cash flow by obtaining the best supply chain financing deal from our embedded financial institution network. No more approaching institutional lenders offline, no extensive paperwork requirements, no longer evaluation cycles, and delayed disbursals. Cover these hurdles effortlessly to grow your and your vendors’ business.

Customer Service

Leveraging our easy-to-use platform, vendors can streamline their supply chain and grow their business with digitization and financing. This will lead them to prioritize your service over others. Our state-of-the-art digital adoption technology ensures a smooth onboarding process and helps vendors hit the ground running for your orders.

Strengthen Your
Buying Power

As you move to a system of early payments to vendors, your buying power will increase with more vendors wanting to work with your business. You will be in the best position to procure the best products and at the best price.