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Table of Contents

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The Story Behind Bizongo’s New Avatar

April 3, 2024
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Champagne, Dancing and Other Things

These days, there’s a kind of excitement visible in our organization that will absolutely electrify you. Scaling big and setting norms have always been the Bizongo way. And, we want our story to reach as far and wide as possible. What just made it sweet is that now we have developed a language to do just that. At the heart of this language is our visual identity. Hence, we feel immense pride in introducing brand Bizongo to the world.

Bizongo - New Logo

From a young startup in 2015 to a market leader of our space in 2018, we have taken bigger leaps than a Royal Bengal Tiger. Today, organizations of international fame like International Finance Corporation (IFC) and B Capital have put their might behind us, joining our body of investors. Companies of the highest distinction, like Amazon and Johnson & Johnson, find a place in our assortment of clients. Which is to say, in the least, that our belief has the most eminent buyers.

Our identity flows through our belief, so let us first lay it out here plainly. We believe that creativity and technology together have the potential to create wonders. We think that they can massively uplift the experience of doing business. And, we have chosen to work in packaging to create such wonderful experiences.

Packaging is ubiquitous, it can be extremely expressive, and it contains endless possibilities of form. We have faith that on the canvas of packaging, with the colours of creativity and technology, we can paint a picture of unparalleled beauty.

So, we have refreshed our look to capture this belief in our identity. All our past experiences, our values and our aspirations have led up to this moment. This is the face of our present and our future. It gives expression to everything that Bizongo encapsulates - the services, the products, the promise and the people.

World! We give you - Brand Bizongo!

The Method to the Marvelous

While deciding the theme of our logo and tagline, we wanted to relate it with packaging. The reason behind this is that our solution lies in the realm of packaging and we derive our identity from it. But, when we tried to incorporate packaging elements into our logo, it didn’t resonate with our identity in the first few attempts. Representing us, for example, with a box, had a very limited appeal to us because it depicted a very superficial relationship with packaging. Our bonds with packaging, however, go much deep, and hence, we had to go more abstract than this.

You see, the packaging contains more than just a product, it contains what that product represents. Seen this way, it may contain a brand’s greatest aspirations. It may contain a new way of life for someone. It may even contain a person’s entire life savings. Packaging can contain a variety of emotions within themselves.

Spot on! This was the element we were seeking all along. This is the connection with packaging that resonates with us the most because it captures our shared essence. This is how we got the hollow representation of Bizongo in our logo. It’s supposed to mirror the beautiful ability of packaging to represent, in varying capacities, a variety of things, functions, people and emotions. This is our way of saying that all the facets of packaging, with their applications across all the industries, come together at Bizongo, like so many musical notes, to create a beautiful symphony.

Ok! So that’s settled. But why black and white?

The primary color scheme of black and white was chosen because it lends the same freshness to our logo that our solution lends to the industry. It speaks of the novelty of our creation and the aspirations that accompany it. Additionally, these colours greatly complement the hollow aspect of our logo. So, in effect, this colour scheme lent itself perfectly for our use.

Bizongo Secondary Colours

Thus far, we have talked about our great belief in creativity and technology. But, there’s one more thread with which we have woven the fabric of Bizongo. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to build an enterprise that would last generations hence. This consciousness allowed us to be born with a strong seed of sustainability. Here, by sustainable we mean something which continuously adds net productive value to life. All our values have always been a consequence of this fundamental value.

Business (which stands for creativity), Technology and Sustainability together represent the core of Bizongo. We have consciously chosen our secondary colours to best represent these three essential elements. Thus, purple stands for Business/Creativity, blue for Technology and green for Sustainability. These elements combined give us the qualities that have come to define us, i.e., dependability, totality and simplicity.

The above-mentioned qualities are unmistakably evident in the way we define ourselves, i.e, “a platform for everything packaging”.

The use of the word “platform” here is significant in more ways than one. Here, “platform” signifies the technological marvel that we have built to solve the complex problems of the industry. The element of technology is strong in our solution and so, it had to find a way into our tagline.

Technology found its way even here to unfurl our banners, or is it magic?

Looked another way, this platform is the gateway to access all the solutions offered under the umbrella of Bizongo. Bizongo can be understood as a house of brands containing a cluster of sub-brands within it. With these sub-brands we offer packaging solutions at different stages of the value chain, covering it in entirety. Hence, the platform becomes a single window to access a whole spectrum of solutions, i.e., a one-stop packaging destination.

The other part of our tagline, i.e., “Everything packaging”, relates to our capability of providing all types of packaging solutions to all types of industries. It also relates to our extensive presence in the entire packaging value chain from design, spec development, artwork development and innovation to procurement and delivery. For us, “everything packaging” is just short for “everything under the sun in packaging”.

Gradually and methodically proceeding this way, this long drawn process finally rewarded us. Thus, we created a brand expression that makes us immensely proud, happy and more purposeful than ever. We are incredibly excited to kick-off a new chapter in the growth story of Bizongo in such superb style. And, we eagerly look forward to providing top-notch experiences to all the amazing businesses out there.

Click here to get a first-hand experience of our new website. We have made it very interesting for you.

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