One Platform to Power Business Growth

Single unified platform with an embedded ecosystem of brands and enterprises, financial institutions, and growth-oriented businesses like yours. Bring your supply chain online and transform your manufacturing, new business development, order management, and compliance. With platform-led embedded financing, receive early payments and grow your business with a stronger working capital.

Only B2B Platform Built to Digitize Vendor Businesses

100% Digitized Supply Chain

Is your current technology lacking a unified way of managing your PO to payment cycle? Our cloud tech platform offers user-friendly features to streamline transaction processing, order management, and manufacturing. With complete visibility of the transactions on the platform, know when you get paid from our network-embedded financial institutions.

Access Early Payments through Embedded Financing

Tired of delayed payments holding back your business growth? Use our platform-embedded financial institution network to get paid early. Financial institutions can also take better financing calls based on your past transactions, enabling early disbursement of funds. Get paid 15-20 days faster than your competitor businesses through efficient leverage of our platform’s e-invoicing and e-POD mandates.

Faster Raw Materials Purchase

Is your production streamlined enough to ensure on-time deliveries to your customers? Is on-time access to raw materials and raw material price visibility a challenge? Use our AI-powered virtual assistant to get real time raw material price visibility. Also, use access to capital from financial institutions to procure raw materials quickly and accelerate your production.

Live Bidding to Expand Customer Base

Are you struggling to find and convert new customers? With our live bidding feature, discover new revenue streams and gain access to a vast network of customers. Participate in bidding events hosted by a pool of customers. View and analyze customer requirements, competitor bids, and other deal-related insights to place competitive bids. Convert more customers, and boost sales.

Factory Intelligence at your Fingertips

Tired of paperwork and cumbersome factory processes? Get access to a smart mobile ERP that brings factory intelligence to your fingertips in the form of one-click stock updates, detailed production reports, and production plans for fast, easy, and error-free factory management. Maximize your production for growth at scale.

Watch Digitized Processes Scale Business Outcomes

Frequently asked questions

No, using supply chain financing does not impact your existing payment terms with your customers. Your customers will continue to pay according to the agreed-upon terms, while you will receive early payment from the financial institution you have chosen. This can be a win-win situation, as your customers are not impacted, and you receive improved cash flow.

The financial institution's network on our platform will be able to access your invoices. Our platform features like ePODs, GRN, and vehicle tracking, will provide transactional transparency to the FIs. With complete visibility of the transactions on the platform, the embedded FIs will make the payment as they trust the visibility our platform provides.

With a customer satisfaction score of 98%, we ensure you get a seamless onboarding experience and help you start benefiting from the platform features in no time.

In the rare event that you encounter any challenges, our committed Partner Support team is always available to guide you through optimal platform utilization. Our support team will also help you fulfill 100% of your customer demand, allowing your business to thrive.