Optimized Raw Material Procurement for Next-level Manufacturing

Optimize your raw material procurement with our cutting-edge AI-powered platform. Gain unprecedented visibility into the latest raw material prices and optimize your procurement to grow your business.

Intelligence of AI-Powered Platform to Boost Profitability

With AI-powered insights, increase supply chain predictability and resilience.

Cost-Effective Raw Material Procurement

Is your existing raw materials procurement system cost-effective enough to save you on procurement spend? Our AI-powered platform enables you to procure raw materials from the best vendors at the least possible costs and gives you a single view of their pricing. Track prices of raw materials and optimize your sourcing.

AI-Powered Raw Materials Price Visibility

Is cumbersome raw material price discovery techniques from multiple vendors & intuitively-based price predictions holding back your manufacturing? Switch to Bizongo's platform-led solution to get 100% accurate prices through AI conversational technologies, enhancing your raw materials purchase experience. Know when to purchase raw materials to reduce procurement spend and manage your raw material inventory well.

Embedded Financing for Early Vendor Payments

Are delays in raw material procurement due to blocked working capital breaking your supply chains? Our AI-enabled solution gives you price visibility and empowers you with funds through embedded supply chain financing from our financial institution network. With a stronger working capital, our intelligent platform provides unmatched price visibility. Now procure and process raw materials faster to ensure on-time deliveries to your customers.

Consolidate Procurement on One Platform

Are you lacking a single source platform to get a seamless view into raw material prices from multiple vendors? Is this increasing your procurement spend and diminishing your margins? Our AI-powered platform gives you a consolidated view of all vendors with raw material prices, giving you more options to purchase at the right price. Save cost through optimized procurement and transaction digitization to boost profitability.

Our Fulfillment Categories

MS Billets
Steel Scrap & Metallic
Aluminium Billets
Steel Bloom
Aluminium Ingots
Aluminium Wire Rods

Ready to Take Your
Business to the NEXT Level?

Procure Steel & Aluminium Raw Materials at Lower Costs

Are you looking to optimize your sourcing by consolidating your steel & aluminium raw material procurement under one AI-Powered platform? Don't wait! Use the Bizongo platform today.

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