Unified AI Platform to Scale SMB Financing

Gain access to a digital ecosystem of brands and their vendor businesses through our AI-powered embedded financing platform. Expand your SMB book and finance more businesses through our platform-inbuilt data intelligence and predictive abilities, empowering you to make better financing calls, reduce risk.

Vendor Financing Platform to Minimize Risk Potential

AI-Enabled Transaction Score to Assess SMB Creditworthiness

Is making accurate financing calls on vendor networks of brands and enterprises a challenge? Use our proprietary AI-powered transaction score derived from multiple data points such as SMB transaction frequency, invoice acceptance, and repayment performance. Using our intelligent transaction score, confidently finance more SMBs of a brand or an enterprise at scale.

AI-Enabled Compliance Confidence Score

Is your financial institution lacking compliance data on SMBs to better assess their creditworthiness? Our AI-powered embedded financing platform calculates the compliance confidence score at a transaction level, helping you assess the compliance performance of SMBs more accurately. High or low compliance scores are strong indicators of business resilience and reliability, so that you can make better financing calls and reduce risk.

Multi-level Visibility into SMB Supply Chains

Are you lacking intelligent data to assess the creditworthiness of SMBs in financing them at scale? Our AI-powered embedded financing platform provides data intelligence at multi-levels of the supply chain right upto the raw materials purchase done by the SMB. With larger brands and enterprises of repute being part of our platform-inbuilt ecosystem, finance their supplier SMBs with confidence.

One Bizongo Platform to Strengthen Your Financing Power

Only Platform for Financial Institutions to Reduce Risk

No more spending hours reconciling documents for audits. With real-time features like vehicle validation and shipment tracking, your visibility into the movement of goods increases manifold. Our platform brings transaction authentication to your fingertips and also gives you visibility into your vendors’ raw material purchases.

Only Platform with Embedded Ecosystems of Brands

With deep intelligence on transactional data, our embedded financing institution network can provide financing at scale to your entire vendor network. Our platform-led processes are designed to provide you with end-to-end visibility into order details and cash history. Minimal paperwork and hassle-free online contract signing ensure smooth working capital management for you and your vendors.

One Platform to Enable SMB Financing at Scale

A good transaction score means an SMB with a good payment history. Finance suppliers whose creditworthiness hasn't been accurately measured due to lack of transactional data. With intelligence at your fingertips, fast-track accurate SMB financing at scale.

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