Ultimate FSSAI Packaging Regulations Checklist

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Bizongo offers expert insight into the impact of FSSAI regulations on food packaging.

Designing a food product's packaging is complex and extensive. In India, FSSAI has laid down packaging requirements and laws that regulate food product packaging. We decoded FSSAI regulations to understand their necessity. Added bonus: Advice from a trusted industry expert.

FSSAI Packaging Regulations - Industry Insights
FSSAI Packaging Regulations - Back of Pack
Ultimate FSSAI Packaging Regulations Checklist
Ultimate FSSAI Packaging Regulations Checklist [GIF]

Tips From Inside The Industry

The guide will cover all FSSAI regulations that food brands operating in India should know before they design their food packaging. If food product packaging mentions any information that is misleading to a consumer FSSAI has the authority to misbrand or recall the products.  We got Advocate Rishi Mathur specializing in food laws to explain the inner workings of FSSAI laws and how brands can adhere to them without any frustration.

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