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An industry outlook on how to approach your packaging supply chain in the face of coronavirus.

The packaging procurement process for most businesses currently is manual. This has led to a host of challenges like overstocking, stockouts, ageing inventory, and unnecessary utilization of space. Not having visibility of inventory, not knowing where an order is, and losing sales due to stockouts is a regular occurrence if not commonplace. While the packaging supply chain has been riddled with these problems for a long time, the impact of it has not been felt severely. However now, a global pandemic like coronavirus has resulted in a complete disruption of the packaging supply chain to emphasize the flaws of the system. Through this ‘Packaging Outlook Report’, we’ll be taking you through some game-changing insights from the industry and why supply chain automation will be crucial in the years to come. And how organizations respond to these insights will be a true representation of their DNA.

COVID-19 effect on Supply Chain - Demand forecast
COVID-19 effect on Supply Chain - Inventory Losses

COVID-19 effect on Supply Chain - Supply Chain Automation

COVID-19 | Supply Chain Automation

Technology Trumps

Every aspect of the supply chain, be it inventory, order processing, or artwork will be strongly led by technology. With social distancing and remote working becoming the norm in the near future, technology will play a crucial role in keeping the supply chain running smoothly. Download this report to find out how you can ensure an uninterrupted supply chain and 100% availability of the packaging you require through digitalization and the adoption of supply chain automation

                                                                              How does the future of packaging supply chain looks?

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