Packaging & Consumer Buying Behavior: 2020

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A detailed industry report elaborating on the impact of packaging on consumer buying behavior.

Understanding the role of packaging on consumer buying behavior is imperative. It would help organizations stay ahead of the curve and deliver effective and long-lasting solutions. To establish a clear consumer sentiment, Bizongo conducted a market research to understand how consumers interact with and consume product packaging. We surveyed 33,000+ consumers to arrive at 9 actionable insights for professionals in the packaging industry, Here's your opportunity to influence consumer behavior and establish yourself as a market leader through packaging.

Factors Influencing Consumer Buying Behavior

At a comprehensive level, the fragmented packaging industry in India is witnessing perceptible changes in consumption. A report by Neilsen states that 46% of consumers are more likely to try new brands than they were five years ago. This data strongly indicates that the role of packaging on consumer buying behavior is becoming increasingly crucial.  The current consumer focus has shifted across the three main domains of Design, Sustainability, & Technology in Packaging.  In a volatile and constantly shifting market it is becoming very important for brands to answer questions like - Do the target consumers relate to our brand? Is our target audience tech-savvy? How are we differentiating ourselves on the shelf? With this report, you’ll get an insider’s view of the consumers’ take on factors like packaging design, product information, shopping channels, and sustainable packaging. These packaging nuances enable better brand recall across consumers. Additionally, the impact of packaging on consumer buying behavior expands to influencing purchase decisions. Overall, these 9 actionable insights will help brands understand consumer sentiment around packaging better.

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