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An uninterrupted production line is indispensable for Neolite An efficient Just-In-Time procurement strategy was just the solution.

The Neolite Group has been associated with the manufacturing of automotive lightings for over 60 years and now caters to some of the biggest passenger and commercial vehicle manufacturers in India and globally. Neolite’s collaboration with Bizongo was to implement processes which facilitate a continuously running production line, seamless procurement management and ensure damage protection for their line of products which are delicate and usually of high value. Bizongo offered solutions that were a perfect fit for Neolite’s problems.

Packaging Development Solution - After | Sectioned Corrugated Box
Packaging Development Solution - Before | Cluttered Corrugated Box
Packaging Supply Chain Solution - Inventory Management

Just In Time Packaging Procurement | Neolite

Packaging Solution

Before Bizongo, the major problem faced by Neolite was that the required packaging was not available on time resulting in the production line being delayed. An efficient Just-In-Time procurement strategy blended with prompt inventory management was just the solution they needed. Furthermore, the long drawn process of identifying, contacting and shortlisting vendors, keeping a check on the inventory, and tracking multiple orders was consuming a lot of time and resources. Above all this, customized packaging was created to ensure 100% protection of their products. Software and service, together, helped Neolite streamline their packaging requirements and make the most of the complete packaging solution.

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