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A global babycare brand successfully solves the challenge of packaging damage of its flagship product with a unique yet simple solution

Protecting the product is the preliminary objective of packaging. A global babycare brand faced a problem on these lines. Their major challenge was the damage at the neck of their newly designed baby shampoo bottle due to breakage of the pump. For this, the solution was expected to be simple and cost-efficient.

Shampoo Bottle Pump - Neck without Protection
Shampoo Bottle Pump - Neck with Protection
Shampoo Bottle Pump - Neck | Before & After

Neck Cushioning

Packaging Solution

After brainstorming on the bottle damage issue, Bizongo took a very simplistic approach. They offered to provide a product that can give the necessary cushioning around the bottleneck. The design of the pump protector was not only efficient in providing the much-needed security but also was elegant enough to complement the bottle design thereby maintaining the aesthetic of the bottle. The solution that was first designed specifically for the E-commerce space is now used across retail stores in India.

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