India’s Healthy Consumption 2.0 | Change in Food Habits

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Decoding the ever-growing healthy snacks market in India & strategies to become the market leader in the segment.

India’s consumption pattern has seen a great shift since the 90’s. It went from embracing the regular meal as the only source of nutrition to having tonnes of food options to choose from. This transition was drastic & saw visible health repercussions as people moved to packaged food. Enter health-consciousness. People were now not eating just packaged food but healthy packaged food, giving birth to a huge market segment - HEALTHY SNACKING! Bizongo conducted thorough research to map this growing industry & decoded the elements that’ll help brands best capture this opportunity.

India’s Change in Food Habits - Snacking
India’s Change in Food Habits - Packaged Food

India’s Change in Food Habits - Healthy Snacking
India’s Change in Food Habits

Healthy Snacking Industry - Packaging

Take On The Opportunity

Revenue in the Indian Snack Food segment currently amounts to US$5,839 million. With a conservative assumption of healthy snacks accounting for 2% of this revenue it stands at ~US$116 million! Huge! Even then, to capture this market, it’s important to first get noticed in the clutter. What better solution than a packaging that will shout aloud what your brand stands for. After reviewing the packaging of existing brands, we found out the 3 elements that will help you capitalize this stellar opportunity.

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