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Procurement for eatfit, the food arm of curefit which delivers 35000+ healthy meals a day.

Curefit is a leading fitness startup in India, focused towards developing a healthy lifestyle for Indian consumers. was launched in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal & Ankit Nagori with the aim to provide new-age solutions across food, fitness, and mental wellness. One of their main business mantras is to #bebettereveryday. is’s food delivery arm that caters to reaching consumers with healthy food. The pilot model of was launched in Bangalore and then expanded into other cities in India. As the scale of the business grew, their requirement for food packaging grew as well. A systematic approach to packaging procurement was needed. And that’s where Bizongo came into play.

Food Packaging Solution - Cost reduction
Food Packaging Solution - On-time & In-full Deliveries
Food Packaging Solution - One POC Approach

Food Packaging Solution -

Food Packaging Solution

At the onset, the variables in the system were limited, making procurement of food packaging simple. With the expansion into cities and an increase in product option managing this requirement in-house was becoming challenging for It was getting difficult for them to track vendors, manage inventory, and control packaging quality. This was also taking away from their time to focus on their actual product offering. recognized the need to consolidate their packaging requirement in one place leading to the start of its engagement with Bizongo. Through a differentiated approach, Bizongo provided with a 360-degree food packaging solution that involved reduced costs, timely deliveries, assured quality, and supply chain visibility. This has led to seamlessly deliver 35000+ healthy packaged meals daily. Download the detailed case study to find out how was able to streamline its food packaging requirements with Bizongo.

                                                            Deliver food with safe food packaging hacks which you can customize.

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