Color Psychology in Packaging + Brand Examples

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Decoding packaging colors these 20 successful brands use to engage with their target consumer

The colour spectrum was first discovered by Sir Isaac Newton in the late 1660s. However, the effect of these colors on people’s mood was identified later and is attributed to Egyptians. They are known to have studied Colour Psychology and its benefits on people.  Every Colour represents a feeling, an emotion, a personality and brands use this theory of colour psychology while deciding on colours for their brand identity and packaging. Applying colour psychology involves two important parts - the first is understanding what each colour means and the second if using it to represent your brand. Though this document, empower yourself with the meaning of 10 different colours and learn how 20 brands spread across various industries are using these colors to influence buyers successfully.

Color Psychology in Packaging - McDonalds [Red]
Color Psychology in Packaging - Moroccan Oil [Blue]

Color Psychology in Packaging - Hershey's [Brown]

Color Psychology in Packaging - Color of the year

Mystery Colour

The concept of colour psychology has several interesting applications. How brands use it in their packaging can define what they communicate with their audience. Recently, new-age brands are increasing leaning away from the traditional use of colour. Download the document and learn about how new brands are using this mystery colour.

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