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Winner of the 2018 Dieline Awards, this project is focused on putting together an eco-friendly packaging solution

With the market preference shifting towards biodegradable packaging over PP and PET, we ventured to develop an eco-friendly replacement for the plastic meal tray. The clientele in consideration was the urban market, takeaway joints, caterers and restaurants, and such food-delivery brands which catered to sustainability-conscious consumers or were interested in making a change towards a better environment.

Biodegradable Meal Tray Framework - Packaging Development
Biodegradable Meal Tray Dimensions - Packaging Development
Biodegradable Meal Tray Framework & Final Result

Biodegradable Meal Tray GIF

Packaging Solution

Taking into account, the specific packaging design needs for the curry-based Indian cuisine as well as the consumer experience; the cornstarch, spill-proof, 5-compartment meal tray was created as an in-house innovation and packaging design solution. This innovation included the participation of manufacturing partners who got a chance to create innovative products that could be mass marketed. While designing, we needed to consider mechanical constraints, material feasibility, functionality, as well as the Indian psyche when it came to designing a solution for the delivery and consumption of gravy-based cuisine. The form of the tray was designed keeping in mind, the current and familiar meal trays already present in the market. However, features such as rounded edges and a stronger flap were included and the natural shade of cornstarch was retained.

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