Innovations In The Packaging Industry | April 2018

Moving towards achieving the goal of sustainability, using biodegradable materials for packaging is definitely a need of the hour.

But another aspect that packaging manufacturers are focusing on is saving raw material. Using less material for packaging will reduce every effort- logistics, inventory, recycling, disposing, henceforth. In this series of packaging innovations, we bring to you the techniques that reduce packaging material and still wins it.

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Packaging Innovation #1 - Super Thin Twist Packaging

Schur Flexibles has designed a super-thin range of aluminium and film packaging solutions for confectionary items. The packaging is cost-efficient and aims at reducing the carbon footprint by using up to 30 percent less packaging material.

Packaging Innovation - Super Thin Aluminium Packaging
Image Courtesy: Sweets Global Network

The aluminium film developed is only 3µm (micrometer) thick and uses reverse printing process so that food inside is untouched by the ink.

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Packaging Innovation #2 - 100% Automatic 3D Printing

The engineering department of Envases Metalicos Eurobox has developed Lenticular- a fully automatic process of 3D printing on PET laminate surface.

Packaging Innovation - 100% Automatic 3D Printing
Image Courtesy: Eurobox Packaging

This process doesn’t require glue or adhesive throughout the lifecycle. This makes for an interesting interactive packaging solution, which can be achieved using least number of inventories and minimum human intervention.

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Packaging Innovation #3 - Plant-Based Ultrathin PE Shrink Film

Yorkshire Packaging Systems has invented ultra thin shrink wrap films made from sugarcane ethanol. Labeled as B-Nat®, the film is only 15µm (micrometer) thick. This packaging is able to save packaging material and can be recycled same as other petrochemical PE films.

Packaging Innovation - Plant-Based Ultrathin PE Shrink Film
Image Courtesy: Packaging News

It is also compatible with the existing packaging machinery and allows printing on the surface for brand identification.

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Packaging Innovation #4 - Sealed Food Packaging

Food processing industry requires the most efficient packaging solutions so as to ensure safety and prevent food from decaying. Sealed Air has developed Cryovac® OptiDure™ range of packaging films with impeccable abuse resistance and clear appearance. The system uses overlap sealing technology to pack the units in a row without sticking between bags. The hard food is packed in a seal through pleat fashion, hence there are lesser chances of leakage.

Packaging Innovation - Sealed Food Packaging
Image Courtesy: Sealed Air UK

It is also reducing the packaging material by using shrink wrapping.

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Packaging Innovation #5 - Returnable & Reusable Packaging

An initiative from Rajapak Ltd., the Quick pack returnable postal boxes adhere to reusing before recycling. These are simply the cardboard boxes which can be assembled in the least possible time.

Image Courtesy: Rajapack

The boxes have two strips of adhesives, one for unpacking when the customer receives the goods. After taking out his items, the user can seal through the second glue strip and return the box. These boxes are strong and have a crash lock base so that they can be used multiple times.

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