Infographic : Packaging Tips to Reduce High Product Returns

What is the biggest killjoy in eCommerce? Transportation? Meh, Taxes? Sort of... then what? Product Returns!

Ever wondered how much of a loss you are at when that happens? Well, it is more than what you might assume. All your efforts to gain a customer goes down the drain when they decide to return their purchased product. Here is a rough run down of the "damage".

  1. Your customer acquisition cost went down the drain.
  2. Logistics involved in delivering the product is worthless now.
  3. Logistics involved in acquiring the returned product from the customer is doing you no good.
  4. You probably lost the trust of a customer.

As I said, that was just a rough run down, a lot more comes in to play in a real life scenario. What if I told you there was a way out of this mess? Well, technically, you cannot have 0% product returns. There is going to be someone who has a genuine reason to return the product. But, you can definitely work on reducing the number of return requests you receive. One way to effectively reduce product return rates is through packaging. Good packaging not just protects the products during transportation and shipping, but will have a positive effect on people, by enhancing its aesthetics as well.

Reduce Packaging Product Returns

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