Ecommerce Logistics: Win Buyers Using These Packaging Products

As an e-commerce business which is the best way to lose your customers?

Difficult website navigation?

Low variety of products?

Zero discounts?

Wrong. Wrong. Negative.

According to research, the best way to lose a customer is to deliver their products in a broken/ mangled/ torn/ ruptured/ severed package. This will successfully get them to become angry, double take considering the amount spent and a nice long call to your customer care. Yes, e-commerce logistics is the fastest way to lose a customer.

Product packaging is inevitable. Product packaging is important. So...if you are new to e-commerce logistics world, you have to read this thoroughly. If you are a veteran, then you might end up stumbling upon a few products you were unaware of!

E-commerce Logistics Trend #1: Courier Bags

Courier bags are really grabbing a lot of attention. Having the advantage of being waterproof, crumple proof, sturdy and quite cheap, they definitely have huge market potential. These uniquely designed bags are highly secure and are manufactured to shun any sort of unauthorized access or detection of the product packed inside.

E commerce logistics Courier Bags from Bizongo

Once the bag has been opened for any reason, it cannot be put back again to normalcy. Further ensuring the customer about the product being factory sealed. Starting at as low as 0.90 rupees, courier bags can be customized easily. These are perfect for long-distance shipment of delicate products like clothes, books, jewelry, shoes, etc. These bags are made from high-quality LDPE plastic, usually white from the outside and black from inside. This provides a perfect optical opacity and ensures maximum confidentiality. Getting into the material science of it, these are manufactured from specialized co-extruded polyethylene film, with a flap and has a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure.

E-commerce Logistics Trend #2: Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an investment. Sale of delicate items needs a strong exterior. A large size corrugated box or a small sized ring box undergo hundreds of exchanges during logistics. If packaged carelessly, it surely has a high chance of getting spoiled. Bubble wrap is like the seat belt you wear despite sitting in a car meant for children. A product can be wrapped securely in a bubble wrap and then placed inside a courier bag or a corrugated box. So, even if the box gets crushed, it is alright. Your product remains unscratched.


For fragile items like diamond jewelry or a phone, preservation is of utmost importance. A bubble wrap is sold in rolls. You can also find air bubble pouches which have standard length and width. The prices of a roll start from Rs.420 onwards, while that of a pouch is around Rs.3, depending on the quality of course. The advantage of buying a roll is you get a huge volume in return; almost a meter of bubble wrap sheet! Also, isn’t it better to invest in a good bubble wrap than to toy with the fragility of your expensive merchandise?

E-commerce Logistics Trend #3: Corrugated Boxes

Allow me to introduce you to the Big Daddy of e-commerce logistics! Corrugated boxes are possibly the best things which have happened to packaging. The one piece of packaging you can customize to your style, brand quirkiness, design and quality. This piece of e-commerce packaging is the spokesperson for your brand.

Book wrapped in bubble wrap with a corrugated box

Corrugated boxes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, designs and materials. They can be laminated or matte finished, they can be plain brown or splashed with colors! Unless you think marketing and branding is simply of no use, you can opt to stay away from corrugated boxes.

E-commerce Logistics Trend #4: Foam Packaging

Not many people incorporate this important piece of packaging- Foam.


You have a good quality corrugated box. You have wrapped the product in bubble wrap. But you still feel it needs more security? At this very moment, there are two things I have to tell you.

Firstly, I love how you think! Secondly, yes we have a great option for you! Foam Packaging is the sidekick which is ignored once the movie is over.

Majorly, delicate articles require this even more. Foam is soft acting as a shock absorber. There is an e-commerce vertical for cutlery, jewelry, toys, baby products, headphones, electronic devices like laptop, mobiles, mouse, screens and even books, watches, eye-wear and the list is endless. And the logistics can really get tricky. So if you deal in any of the above products, you can consider buying this e-commerce logistics packaging.

E-commerce Logistics Trend #5: Customized Tapes

How about some out-of-the-box branding ideas? What is the first thing you do when opening a package? You remove the tape which definitely takes a good amount of time. A customized tape would certainly be etched in your customer’s memory.


Adhesive tape is one of the most unexploited e-commerce packaging product when it comes to branding. At Bizongo, we encourage our customers to go for tape customization. This is one of the cheaper ways of intelligent branding.

E-commerce Logistics Trend #6: Stretch Films

Shipment of too many products can shoot up packaging costs. Especially when the shipment is of similar items like plastic food containers or boxes of aluminum foils. Stretch films successfully keep all the pieces intact and bound together with absolutely no space for movement.

Stretch Films are used for wrapping ecommerce logistics products Buy Online from Bizongo
Image Credits: Green Packaging Group

Even though it is thin, it is extremely sturdy. Moreover, it is easier to unwrap and access the products inside.

Stretch films are sold in rolls. These rolls start from 40-50 inches in length. E-commerce is definitely only going to increase its customer base in India. So, if you are planning to venture into this field, you can now stop stressing about its logistics.

If you have a list of other interesting products, let us know in the comments.