Poly Courier Bags
Courier Bags

Poly Courier Bags

Poly courier bags are an economical packaging choice. They are customizable & can be made tamper-proof as well. Poly courier bags are extensively used in the e-commerce industry for shipping.

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Bubble Bag

Bubble Bag

Bubble bags are shipping bags that are made from bubble wraps. These bags provide minimal impact protection to small and lightweight products during transit. Bubble bags also offer some protection from water and moisture. However, bubble bags are transparent and can reveal the contents that are being shipped. Some variants also come with an adhesive strip for secure sealing.
Courier Bag With Zip Lock

Courier Bag With Zip Lock

Courier bags with Zip lock allows the bag to be opened and closed quickly. These bags are generally used for grouping and packing smaller products. These bags have a wide range of applications and are commonly used in conjunction with other forms of packaging, especially when it comes to shipping. For tamper-proofing or privacy, other packaging methods are used.
Plain Courier Bag

Plain Courier Bag

Plain courier bags are simple LDPE envelopes with an adhesive strip that makes the bag tamper-resistant. Plain courier bags are extensively used by e-commerce platforms as an overwrap for shipping products. These bags provide no protection from impacts. The LDPE construction also offers water resistance. The bags are available in specific standard sizes.


Material - LDPE + LLDPE

Printing Type - Gravure, Flexographic

Gusset - Yes

Lining - Bubble Lining

Closing Mechanism - Flap, Lip to Lip, Zip Lock

Customizations - Sizes, Thickness, Color, Printing

Applications - E-commerce shipments, overwrap for both small and large shipments

Industry - E-Commerce, Logistics

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