Technology Adoption Report: 2022

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Supply Chain Automation
Storage & Distribution


A detailed report elaborating on the current state of technology adoption in the area of supply chain finance & digital vendor management.

In a 2020 survey, it was discovered that the inventory and network optimization tools would have the highest rate on the adoption list of supply chain companies one or two years from now. Another survey that gathered responses from companies of all sizes suggests that technology adoption is comparatively quicker for smaller and more agile businesses.

In a bid to acquire an accurate understanding of technology adoption in Supply Chain Finance and Digital Vendor Management, Bizongo ran an online survey seeking responses from 10,000+ MSME respondents across India.

One of the findings of this report states that 56% of the business owners aim to prioritize timely vendor payments, supply chain visibility across vendors, price discovery, and vendor mapping in the year 2022.

This report also shines the spotlight on 6 key points that will define how sourcing will evolve in India’s vast B2B space.

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