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A clothing business was struggling to get its credit finance function in order. With a blocked working capital, business fluidity was a concern.

Namo Traders was faced with liquidity or cash flow difficulty, and as a result, its working capital was stalled. The foremost bottleneck impeding smooth sourcing was a long credit period of 60-90 days. The company was in urgent need of a platform to ensure smooth payments and get access to credit finance. To this end, they adopted Bizongo's vendor financing solution. With this single move, Namo Traders gained more business from existing clients and infused a higher-level efficiency by tracking and managing its sourcing tasks in one place, digitally. Thus, streamlining its processes seamlessly.

100 to 150 Kurtis with 45%
Improved Cash Flow

Handling PO, Payment Settlements and Order Acceptance

Impact of Bizongo's Digital Automation Platforms

Bizongo's PartnerHub platform proved to be of immense value to Namo Traders. It smoothened and regularized on-time payments, quotation submissions to open bid requests, order acceptance, and PO management through a well-defined, robust process. The ProcureLive tool, on the other hand, provided real-time updates on partner deliveries and helped them channelize efforts toward product development.

The digital platforms enabled them to deliver products on time owing to a clear dashboard that showed production and delivery timetables. They were very pleased with Bizongo's onboarding process and customer support team, which helped them grasp both the PartnerHub and ProcureLive platforms post successful onboarding.


                  Watch Watch Mr. Anupam Chaudhury, Owner, Namo Traders speak about Bizongo’s platforms here:

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