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Bizongo helps Shark Tank India season 2 participant Zoff to grow from a monthly revenue of ₹3.5 Cr to ₹7 Cr in four months

India's branded spices market size is around ₹30,000 crore, estimated to grow by 10-15% every year.

We feel blessed to work with a vibrant and fast-growing spice brand ZOFF that grabbed an investment deal of ₹1 crore at 1.25% equity at Shark Tank India season 2. Hearty congratulations to the 'Spice Brothers' of Raipur - Akash Agarwal and Ashish Agarwal. Bizongo is delighted and ecstatic to work with you to support your expansion plans for Zoff.

zoff shark tank india season 2 funding by Aman gupta 1 crore for 1.25 percent equity.jpg
zoff shark tank india season 2 funding by Aman gupta 1 crore for 1.25 percent equity

Bizongo Digital platform for vendor digitization of Zoff foods

Impact of Bizongo’s Tech+Finance Growth Solutions

Zoff procures its spices from 40+ vendors, therefore paying them on time is crucial to ensure complete supply chain optimization.

A comment from Aakash Agarwal: “Some features on Bizongo's platform like e-PODs, live order tracking, digital order management, e-invoicing, and digital cataloging made our sourcing more efficient.”

Not only were Zoff's vendors digitized, their performance improved drastically owing to a stronger working capital via Bizongo's tech-led financing partners. As a result of a transformed supply chain, Zoff's monthly revenue increased 🚀 by 50% from ₹3.5 Cr to ₹7 Cr in just four months.

Watch this video to know more about Zoff's rise and how they plan to expand their business with Bizongo's platform-led growth solutions.

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