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CustomerSpeak | KG Denim boosts monthly sales from Rs 24 lakh to Rs 4 crore

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KG Denim, a manufacturer of denim fabrics, eliminated working capital bottlenecks; grew monthly sales from 24 lakh to 4 crore in seven months.

KG Denim has served various fashion brands and textile retailers worldwide. They, however, struggled to keep their working capital going smoothly due to high volatility in cotton prices.  Bizongo’s unique supply chain finance solution, which KG Denim opted for, eliminated its working capital bottlenecks and fast-tracked growth. As a result, the company’s monthly sales grew from Rs 24 lakh in June 2021 to Rs 4 crore in December 2021, an impressive 1566% rise in sales figures, in just seven months.

Increase in Revenue
Denim Fabric manufacturing

ProcureLive & PartnerHub - The ultimate game-changers

KG Denim supported existing clients better by onboarding them on the Bizongo PartnerHub Platform providing them with supply chain visibility, streamlined documentation, and on-demand service through a dedicated account manager. They also substantially grew their new suppliers and buyer base by choosing from the Bizongo vendor network digitally in one place.

Bizongo’s Procure Live provided KG Denim with access to a vendor support team that helped them manage and closely monitor all vendor operations - delivery schedules, purchase orders, feedback on payments, sampling, inventory, and cash flow statements in real-time.

                          Watch Mr. Ravi Chandran, Procurement Head, KG Denim speak about our platforms here:

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