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Is your brand geared up for a sustainable future? Enter eco-friendly courier bags.

Introducing Bizongo’s Fiber-based Biodegradable Courier Bags. With customers shifting more towards online deliveries, brands across industries, especially e-commerce and retail are looking to become sustainable. Since courier bags are used to deliver products to customers, they are often categorised as single-use plastic packaging. Replace them with these fiber-based courier bags that are biodegradable and contribute towards a better environment.

Biodegradable Courier Bags - Properites
Plastic Adverse Effect

Biodegradable Courier Bags - Environment-friendly Packaging

Fiber-based Biodegradable Courier Bags

Make A Sustainable Choice

Landfills across the globe are overflowing with plastic packaging waste. The last decade has highlighted the need for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging. Brands are looking to eliminate single-use plastic packaging and achieve zero-waste goals. Bizongo's team has developed two types of fiber-based courier bags that will change the landscape of sustainable packaging.

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