What is the importance of a Gusset in a Non Woven Bag?

Have you ever wondered how some non-woven bags stand up straight like a strong independent person, whereas sometimes different variation of bags fall down and slump as if they lack a spinal cord? Well, instead of a lack of personality, it is the absence of a gusset in non-woven bags that cause this poor functional performance. More often than not, we want our bags to be sturdy even when empty without compromising on their ability to transform into space savers on folding. I know what you’re thinking.

What in the world is a gusset?

Its importance is shrouded in the technicality of its skill, hence it hasn’t found a way into the common conversation. Well, NEWS FLASH: This post is about to change that for YOU. A gusset, basically, is a triangular or rhomboidal bit of texture embedded into a crease to include expansiveness and decrease stretch from tight-fitting garments or bags. That’s right. It’s the very device that shapes the garment to your body (you’re probably wearing one right now!) and gives an empty bag its well-defined shape along the crease on the edge. At this point, you’ve probably already realized how infused a gusset is in your life. Now allow me to take you through other facts involving gussets in various spheres of commerce and fabric.

Gusset in clothing
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Gussets are utilized as part of assembling of tights and pantyhose to include broadness at the groin crease and are made of breathable textures, for example, cotton, to keep the genital range dry and ventilated. They are also used to make pattern bags by non-woven bags manufacturers, pillows and special envelopes which expand to accommodate varying amounts of sheets. Sounds amazing, right? Let’s dig a little deeper into the business aspect of it.

How gussets affect the non-woven bags wholesale market in terms of prices, material, and other essential deciding factors

Non-Woven Gusset Bag
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In terms of non-woven bags raw materials, materials like felt are used, which are neither woven nor knitted, but merely bonded together. They have been used to create mostly non-woven carry bags, which has further boomed the non-woven shopping bags wholesale market, which is quickly replacing plastic bags and polyurethane foam as a material. Moreover, a hot topic of debate has been:

Non-woven bags or plastic bags? What parameters decide which one of the two is a more sustainable choice, now that environmental concerns are primary?

Unfortunately, they both have the same raw material. But here’s the good news, non-woven bags are chemically inert and non-toxic. Moreover, they are 100% recyclable and reusable. The pores in them allow water and air to pass through and are photo-degradable.

Now that we’ve established non-woven bags are the way to go, let us understand the SINGULAR MOST IMPORTANT BENEFIT of a ‘gusset included non-woven bag’ and how they almost don’t affect non-woven bags prices while being heavily advantageous. The simple truth is that they allow the bag to stand erect. The gusset gives the bag a flat bottom and when you drop item after item inside the bag, they sink to the bottom. So, what? Basically, when you drop an item to a sturdy flat base, the center of gravity moves lower to the bottom. And as the God of Physics, Newton, said: If a body has a lower center of gravity, it, in turn, becomes more stable.

Non-Woven Gusset Bags - In different olours
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They also provide the bag with the more obvious benefits- a well-defined shape and the ability to save space and expand when required. Here’s another way to think about it.

What happens when you don’t use a gusset?

Simply put, your product loses structure. It is no longer able to stand upright on its own and will not be able to contract and expand based on items inside. They lose their smart appearance and after a few times of usability, they begin to appear, crumbly folded, in a dark corner of the things-you-no-longer-care-about. If you’re a manufacturer dealing in non-woven bags or a person who prefers to buy non-woven bags instead of plastic bags, always make sure a gusset is a part of the design. They’re smart and a reflection of your great buying choices-not just what you take home, but also what you take it in.

Leather Gusseted Bag
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You can buy non-woven bags online as per your requirements in various online stores. Or you can simply contact Bizongo!

Go non-woven, go gusset, now and forever!