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Table of Contents

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Explore Different Types of Aluminium Foils & Their Use

April 3, 2024
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All of us have seen that aluminium foil roll in our house but did you know what other numerous purposes it serves? It’s not just something that is used to wrap food. Nowadays, aluminium foil can come in handy to solve many problems that arise at your home on a day to day basis.

It can be used directly in the microwave to heat food. It can be converted into an aluminium foil container to store food or it can be converted into a disposable food container or disposable cutlery if you are planning a picnic.

There are many types of aluminium foils which are available to solve all of these problems. One of the best properties of aluminium foil is that it is recyclable and hence it is an all-purpose product in the kitchen. Around 75% of the aluminium foil produced goes into packaging of food and chemical products and the rest is used for industry use. Apart from these uses, the aluminium foil is used for scrubbing, sharpening objects and polishing surfaces. It can also be molded into aluminium foil containers of any shape as the desired bakeware. Check out how aluminium foil comes in handy to make your life easier.

Aluminium Foil Type #1: Aluminium Foil Containers

aluminium foil - aluminium food containers
Image Courtesy: Amazon

The properties of aluminium foil like heat insulation, malleability and recyclability makes it ideal for converting them into aluminium foil containers that can be used to store food. Also these aluminium food containers are odourless, moisture resistant; can be used to bake, grill and heat directly in the microwave and have great conductivity.

Aluminium Foil Type #2: House Foils

aluminium foil - House Foil
Image Courtesy: IndiaMART

As already mentioned these everyday house foils are all purpose and solve many problems around the household. These can be used to soften up brown sugar, create different shapes of bakeware, polishing silverware and keeping them untarnished. These house foils can also be used to sharpen scissors, fixing a loose connection and guarding against drips. Also these foils can be converted into almost all kinds of disposable cutlery.

Aluminium Foil Type #3: Laminated Lids

Aluminium Foil - aluminium foil lids
Image Courtesy: W B Mason

Aluminium lids are very useful while packaging food and can be used for covering aluminium foil containers for safe transport. Most of the small food outlets as well as large restaurants use aluminium foil lids for take away food. These lids are grease proof and provide protection against vapour and oxygen keeping the food healthy and nutritious for a longer period of time.

Aluminium Foil Type #4: Foil Lined Bags

aluminium foil lined bags
Image Courtesy: Hotel Udai Median

You might be familiar with one misuse of foil lined bags which is shoplifting. These bags provide protection from electromagnetic waves which makes it very easy to whisk away items. This type of bag has been used by shoplifters to steal items especially from retail stores since ages. This bag is also ideal for storing food as it has all the properties of aluminium foil of maintaining the food temperature and freshness.

Aluminium Foil Type #5: Chocolate Foils

chocolate wrapped in aluminium foils
Image Courtesy: Symetal

We all know the familiar sound of unwrapping of the chocolate foil paper. This paper is made to appear more attractive by lacquering and embossing the inner lining of the paper and provides protecting against favour loss.

Aluminium Foil Type #6: Foil Round Seals

aluminium foil seals
Image Courtesy: eBay

These foil seals are usually used on pickle and ghee jars and lubricants packs. Foil seals can also be used to embellish gift tags, books and cards and are very easy to print on. As we can see, aluminium foils are not only popular for industrial and professional uses but also comes in handy for various domestic purposes. So if you are looking for a way out of a kitchen problem, aluminium foils might be your answer to all your kitchen woes.

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