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Table of Contents

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Simple Packaging is Ruling the Market. Read Up to Know Why?

April 3, 2024
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No, it’s not so simple to create simple packaging. Brands spend hours and weeks and days brainstorming to come up with a packaging that’s simple yet attractive. As a matter of fact, the present trend favors simple and minimalist packaging. We tell you why.

#1 - It’s Material Savvy

When we talk about simple packaging, it can reflect either the best use of material, visuals, is cost-effective, or it’s functionality. The key benefits include:

  1. Saving material and cost associate
  2. Lower shipping cost
  3. Fewer filler materials
  4. Environmentally sustainable.

Click here to read about calculating dimensional weight, an important parameter for packaging logistics.

Many companies switched to this type of packaging adhering to the following concepts.

Cutting primary packaging size

Primary packaging is the outer packaging, which the consumer interacts with. Manufacturers once tried to lure consumers by displaying a bigger container then the designated size. But, eventually, the consumers come to know the amount of product inside, no matter the size of packaging.

Nesting smaller packages

A lot of space be saved by rearranging the placement of smaller products (like sachets). We can say, package density is also an important aspect of adding simplicity to the packaging.

Redesigning shipping cases

It also encourages reducing shipping cases or secondary packaging. Many brands are creating packaging in a way that doesn’t require an additional shipping box.

No compromise on quality

Companies are using high-quality and sustainably sourced materials for packaging. A good quality packaging material speaks of itself and brands are optimally utilizing this idea.

Also have a look at the infographics on impact of packaging on the supply chain.

Impact of packaging in the supply chain
Image Courtesy: Chain Analytics

#2 -Simple Packaging is Visually Clear

In the cluttered shelf of a supermarket, simple packaging stands out with its minimal design elements. It conveys to the point information, which the customer seeks. Have a look at Mandarin natural chocolate bar packaging and you will be amazed at the intelligent representation of the flavor.

Mandarin chocolate packaging - simple and clear
Image Courtesy: Dezeen

The 10 dots on the packaging indicates the intensity of the dark chocolate eliminating the need for description. Even the text is written in a simple serif font making the packaging readable in non-English speaking countries as well.

Justifying what they say- “A simplified service requires a simplified system,” Vistaprint, a global printing and graphics design company took substantial effort in simplifying its logo. The following video explains it all.

Brands have identified the attraction of simplicity. The goal is to not make the first impression of the product complex. Faster the packaging conveys the brand message, greater is the chance of conversion.

#3 - Saves Manual and Machine Packaging Efforts

It’s worth spending time to think of a design that saves packaging efforts in long run. Simple packaging is not just minimizing the design elements. It is also how one can pack the product effectively in the least possible time.

IKEA, the leading home furnishing brand, optimized its packaging to the level same as the simplicity of its products. As easy the IKEA furnishings are to assemble, the company packs and ships them effectively too.

By opting-in for simple packaging, brands save time and efforts associated at any stage of packaging. It also includes ease to create variations. For instance, food manufacturers, don’t prefer redesigning the entire package while launching a new flavor or variant. With slight changes and colors, the same packaging style is reused. This way, the companies don’t lose their brand identity as well.

#4 - The Customer is Also Happy With the Ease of Unpacking

Amazon, the e-commerce giant has initiated the frustration free packaging technique. It is beneficial for the environment, manufacturers, logistics partners, and consumers. Lesser the effort required for unpacking, happier is the customer.

From manufacturers’ point of view, this packaging design idea is a reduction in the turnaround time. We call this packaging simple because it confronts to using a lesser variety of materials. For example, for toys packaging, this packaging will have one right-size corrugated box, foam or filler, polythene, and adhesive tapes. No wires or ties to connect individual parts to the packaging. And no more additional shipping box.

Read more about benefits of frustration free packaging.

#5 -It is Function Oriented

Practically designed packaging according to product and consumer is worth appreciation. Be it Heins upside-down ketchup bottle or Zappos #IAmNotABox; customers welcome the packaging which is simple but functionally great.

Making packaging functional is not limited to high-value products only. Even the basic, everyday household product packaging can be functional. For example, the seal of this single-serve butter packaging also serves as a knife. It eliminates the need to carry cutleries around.

Simple Function-Oriented Packaging
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Another example of simple and functional packaging is Session Good’s smoking accessory - Bong. Especially meant for recreational cannabis, this packaging fits in modern households and decor.

simple packaging in cannabis industry
Image Courtesy: Cannabox

Final Thoughts

Simple packaging is not only about saving costs. It impacts the environment in a positive way. Starting from manufacturing to disposal and recycling, it reduces the overall carbon footprint.

There is a reason marketers are gaining affinity towards simple packaging. And that’s for sure- Simplicity is a virtue.

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