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Body Wash Packaging Design: Gelling-In Right Or Standing Out?

August 2, 2023
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From soap bricks to a more hygienic and convenient option of body washes, the Body Care industry is seeing a steady evolvement. Having said this, this industry has also become more mindful of the packaging shape, design, typography and colors. The biggest challenge these Body Wash brands had to overcome was to distinctly stand out across the retail shelves. Their packaging had to compete with Hair Care, Hand Wash, and Sanitizing products. To understand how successful the new entrants were with their packaging, we did a little practical experiment ourselves. My team member Hitesh and I walked down the long aisles of the Body Care section in a supermarket and picked out the top 4 brands that created a buzz and grabbed our attention. Here’s a complete review of their packaging- in and out.

Please note: None of the brands below have paid Bizongo to review their packaging. The analysis is solely based on the opinions given by our in-house experts. If you are a product company looking to get your packaging featured in this section, kindly drop us an e-mail to

Pears Shower Gel with Pure Glycerin (250 mL)

The Pears Shower Gel packaging has an outstanding shape, designed keeping in mind the real utility of the product.

Shower Gel Packaging - Pears
Image: Cleanxstore

While the bottle is transparent with an oval shape and a hanging support provided at the top, it’s cap is based on the snap-on system with their brand name engrossed. The material used for the bottle is PET with inverted orientation, easily present in the market. Also, the label on both sides is transparent with black text in an oval shape to fit the inner grooves of the curvature perfectly.

Special Mention

The shape of the bottle is not only intriguing but when it comes to dispensing operations, the hook helps the Pears bottle to hang from the wall for easy use in the shower. Due to this position, the cap is at the bottom and aids in the free-flowing of its viscous contents inside.

Nivea Men Power Refresh (250 mL)

The packaging of Nivea Refresh is another notable bottle in the Body Wash segment.

Shower Gel Packaging - Nivea Men Power Refresh
Image: Flipkart

The outer packaging is made of polypropylene and is transparent. When it comes to design, the body has four deep steps on both sides to provide better gripping. This is quite a user-friendly design since during bathing the hands are wet and need a proper grip while holding the bottle. Also, the cap is based on the snap-on system closure at the top. The labels on the body are transparent with metallic text that goes perfectly well with Azure blue color of the liquid.

Special Mention

The blue color of the liquid is quite attracting and the designers have done a smart job of incorporating the vibrant color of the inner contents to act as the packaging. Also, with the four deep steps, one can immediately understand its utility.

Palmolive Aroma Morning Tonic (250 mL)

Next, in the list, Palmolive Aroma was quite attractive. The shape of the bottle is extremely unique. It has a curve that is smoothly streamlined. The material of the body is PET(Polyethylene terephthalate ).

Shower Gel Packaging - Palmolive Aroma Morning Tonic

For better gripping, the bottle has holding curves at the mid-bottom. This is achieved by reducing the dimension of the body. Just like other body washes, the labels are completely transparent giving the bottle a very clean and premium look. Also, the label is a die-cut label pasted along the curvature of the bottle.

Special Mention

Palmolive Aroma has combined the best of Pears and Nivea and brought a completely fresh design to the market. The idea of a body wash is supposed to be gentle on the skin, which this bottle gracefully conveys.

Lifebuoy Germ Protection Body Wash (300 mL)

The Lifebuoy bottle design is opaque and D-shaped in nature. This bottle is made out of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) with cloud-white pigment on the body and a bright red slanted snap-on cap.

Shower Gel Packaging - Lifebuoy
Image: Basicneeds

The body has a two-sided label with a white background to easily blend with the color of the bottle.

Special Mention

The Lifebuoy Body Wash bottle does not have a very unique design but when you hold the bottle, the texture is extremely beautiful to touch. Thinking of designing your own body wash packaging? Or planning to undergo a makeover? Get Started Now!

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