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Table of Contents

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Packaging Review: Experiencing The TeaBox Design

August 2, 2023
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In this series, we review packaging of several companies and using our expertise, suggest improvements. If you would like to get your product packaging reviewed, send us a mail to

About TeaBox

TeaBox is a brand creating a community of tea drinkers by providing a refreshing experience. The company claims to pluck the freshest of tea leaves and deliver it to consumers within a week. Going by their website, the company has served tea to over a 35 million growing customer base in 95 countries. As written on their website, “Teabox connects Tea to People. Not distributors. Not resellers. But to tea drinkers”. With what they delivered to one of our employees, we couldn’t have agreed more.

Your Order Has Been Delivered!

At TeaBox, they sell loose tea leaves as well as tea bags. We ordered three boxes with 16 tea bags each, known as a Multipack. Little did we know, they threw in a little surprise of complimentary pouches of tea leaves of different flavors. The packaging, just like the TeaBox website, banners, googles ads and social media images, has a minimalistic design theme. Quaint, neat, and soothing to the eyes, you only witness a splash of color after opening the box. This is how the order arrived.

TeaBox Packaging
Image Courtesy: The Teabox Blog

TeaBox used a 5 ply brown corrugated box with single color print and a bubble wrap. A smart move, since they deliver to 95 countries and the packaging needs to be sturdy and travel safely. You can see neat branding on all faces of the cuboid. A notable feature of the corrugated box: It was neither too big, nor too small; just the perfect size as the three Multipacks slid in and out without much qualms.

The Tea Bag Packaging

TeaBox - White Monocarton
Image Courtesy: Amazon

The white monocarton box was wrapped neatly in a butter paper. Using another layer of paper ensured the dusty elements did not enter the box. It looked simple and powerful in white with a stripe of color. The content was neatly placed on all the faces of the box.

Tip: Always make sure the content on your packaging is placed quite strategically. Avoid putting a lot of text on just the front or back. Use the side faces as well.

On opening the Multipack box, the tea bags, also known as TeaPacs, were packaged in small nitrogen filled pouches. Their website explains that TeaPacs "use a natural nitrogen flush to keep the tea as fresh as the day it was picked".


The packaging is quite efficient. It has been a week, and we can still smell the freshness of the tea. In terms of design, Teapacs added a much-needed splash of color by cutting through the monotony of white. These small pouches turned out to be a happy range of green, black and orange.

TeaBox - Coloured Tea Sachets
Image Courtesy: Amazon

~We love it~

Instead of wasting design space by mentioning how to prepare a particular type of tea, they let the pouches’ color speak. For example, green for green tea, black for black tea and orange for milk tea.

The tea bags placed inside were made of nylon 6 fiber. Within seconds of dipping the tea bag, the hot water absorbed the essence of the tea. Unfortunately, a few of the tea bags were already ripped, even before opening them due to a tear in the fabric.

The Tea Leaves Packaging

This is how the complementary tea arrived. Since these contained loose tea leaves, the packaging was different from a TeaPac.

TeaBox - Tea leaves packaging - Teapac
Image Courtesy: SourcingBay

To preserve the smell and freshness of the tea leaves over a longer period of time, TeaBox uses ziplock stand-up pouch with bottom gusset. Based on the weight of tea leaves, the size of these stand-up pouches differ. The pouch is built up of three layers: an outer PET, a middle metallized and an innermost PE. After a week of opening the pouch, the tea is still as fresh as Day 1.

The Packaging Highlight

A Kashmiri Kahwa Chai has an incredibly strong essence. A small whiff of the tea leaves a lingering effect in your mind. Tea is nothing without its essence, and TeaBox has taken special care while delivering this flavor. The Kashmiri Kahwa Chai was packaged differently from the rest of the products. They used vacuum packaging to remove all moisture content and ensure the tea leaves retain the flavor.

TeaBox - Kashmiri Kahwa Tea Sachet
Image Courtesy: Teabox

Final Result

Bizongo Score:

We love how TeaBox has put so much thought into their packaging. The company has dove deep into enhancing customer experience, and their service does not end but starts after the product has been delivered. Caring about how the consumer will store their tea, to ensuring every cup achieves the same level of quality, they have organized the customer experience quite meticulously. Do you agree? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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Note: This is an unbiased, unpaid review written solely to share knowledge and benefit the packaging community.

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