[COLLECTION] The Top 24 Packaging Innovations from 2017

With competition cropping up across various markets, in order for a company to thrive, innovation is imperative. Thanks to this competitive spirit, a market deemed to be saturated, surprises the consumers with yet another novel and unique idea.2017 was no different for the packaging industry. In the year that passed, we witnessed some of the biggest revolutionary inventions. From developing a code scanning system on labels and reimagining lingerie packaging to building coffee packaging helping extend the expiry date, the industry globally has gone above and beyond to identify and meet their consumer needs. We researched across sectors and have compiled twenty-four of the most interesting and functional innovations in the packaging industry designed in the year 2017.  Download this e-book to get a thorough insight on various packaging areas, some of them are as follows:

  • Innovative Designs
  • New Packaging Material
  • Luxury Packaging
  • Packaging Optimizing Costs
  • Packaging Enhancing Products

Here's a sneak peek at the beautiful collection of Packaging Innovation- 2017 Edition!

- The Wine Book -

McLaren packaging and Blue box designs have created a box like packaging for the aged whiskeys. Inspired by “The Smugglers Series”, the packaging itself is worth preserving on the shelf.


McLaren and Blue Box shortlisted in Luxury Packaging Awards
Credits: McLaren Packaging

- Bamboo Closure -

CPL has designed bamboo closure for the PET jars, giving them an exquisite look and perfect gifting partner. It can be customized to label with silk-screen printing and silk ribbons.

Credits: https://www.webpackaging.com/

- Barista Coffee Capsules -

Menshen packaging designed coffee capsules for Barista coffee, which allows the coffee to have a shelf life of more than a year. The material used is PP and EVOH with increased moisture protection. The oxygen barrier is maintained via the co-injection technology. The packaging also gives high-level sealing under extreme machine pressure.

Credits: menshen.co.uk

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