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Table of Contents

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Game of Thrones Fervour: Packaging Beyond Branding

August 2, 2023
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Gone are the days when brands were very particular about their aesthetics. The trend today is to befriend customers, participate in their communications, and engage them with buzzing topics. And an impressive example of this approach is- brands incorporating the Game of Thrones TV series on the packaging. That’s right. Brands are leveraging packaging beyond branding and resonating with the emotions of the customers while still maintaining relevance.

The Game of Thrones season 8 premiere was able to hit more than 17.8 million views and is indeed a talk-of-town especially among the millennials. Let’s have a look at the admirable examples of GoT taking place on the packaging for well-known brands.

Brands Leveraging Packaging Beyond Self-promotion

Adidas - Winter is Coming

On its limited edition shoes and packaging, Adidas has captured the details from the Seven Kingdoms and beyond The Wall. Playing the marketing game of scarcity, the shoes are available to the buyers selected at random.

Packaging beyond branding - Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

Johnnie Walker - White Walker

Johnnie Walker launched its limited-edition scotch whiskey inspired by the Game of Thrones enigmatic characters - the White Walkers. The manufacturers are no less in incorporating technology to make the packaging more exciting to the customers.

packaging beyond branding - Johnnie Walker - White Walker

The White Walkers’ packaging uses temperature-sensitive ink technology to give the customers “icy-feeling” resonating with the aura of the famous TV series.

Oreo - Pledging support

Oreo’s limited-edition cookies and packaging designs are inspired by Targaryens, Starks, Lannisters, and White Walkers. In order to boost social media engagement, Oreo is encouraging fans to pledge their support to the respective houses through dedicated hashtags (#GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone).

Packaging beyond branding - Oreo - Pledging support

Mountain Dew - A Can Has No Name

Again in the game of technology, Mountain Dew has launched a Game of Thrones edition packaging. The can under normal room temperature is a blank can justifying to the #ACanHasNoName. When chilled, the names appear on the can from Arya Stark’s kill list.

Packaging beyond branding - Mountain Dew - A Can Has No Name

Urban Decay - For the Throne

Urban Decay has launched a limited-edition cosmetics range which includes an eyeshadow palette, a pop-up 20 shades palette, and 4 holographic transformer shadows. The shades can create the looks from the four houses of the Game of Thrones. Plus, the packaging design makes you feel like being on the battle-ground.

Benefits of Packaging Beyond Own-Branding

When brands decide to step ahead self-promotion, they become more approachable to the customers. In fact, they are able to cover a niche, where they aren’t present but their customers are interested in.

For example, Adidas isn’t associated with media or film-making. Yet, by endorsing the Game of Thrones, it was able to pitch the customers who are disclosing the fandom of the popular TV series in all possible ways.

Another advantage that Brands leverage from buzzing subjects is launching limited edition merchandise. People often buy these merchandise as souvenirs or to add to their personal collection. The limited edition sales model in collaboration with world-class events has been successful since ages.

Thus, by taking their packaging beyond branding, brands are able to-

  1. Connect with customers emotionally
  2. Relieved from buyer’s price considerations
  3. Increase sales by outreaching a different fan-base


With this strategy, brands are able to connect with the customers emotionally. The era of social media has left par the one-way or broadcasted advertisements. Today, there are media influencers who are in a quest of finding interesting events and subjects engage with their followers. And followers, in turn, try to replicate the influencers in order to look cool among peers. And the benefit to the brands - Win Customers!

By making the best use of trending subjects, brands are able to make the customer volunteer for their advertisement.

Game of Thrones season 8 premiere data courtesy:

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