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Table of Contents

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Save Time & Manpower With Packaging Automation Systems

August 2, 2023
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In this e-commerce era, fast and faster packaging is manufacturers’ and retailers’ utmost concern. The benefit of packaging automation is it saves time and accuracy is impeccable. Today, the industry is investing in the following fields-

  1. AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)
  2. Palletization and crating
  3. Co-bots (Human and robots working together)

Let’s have a look at noteworthy innovations in the field of packaging automation.

#1 - Devices to Manage Operation Virtually

SOMIC Group’s coffee capsule packaging machine, with Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, is a compact device capable of processing 1,400 coffee capsules or 140 cartons per minute. (It’s actually half the size of parallel machinery) The operator need not manually open the cabinet door and tackle issues, rather he can manage the device’s operation virtually.

Packaging Automation System - Coffee Capsule Packaging Machine by Somic Group
Image Courtesy:

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#2 - End-to-End Automated Packaging Solution for Pharmaceuticals

The Multi-Lane Sachet Packaging System from Bosch Packaging Technology is a one-stop solution for filling and packing single-dose sensitive powder drugs. It uses vertical form-fill-seal technology for packaging. This machine can simultaneously fill and pack one or more products. In the same module, grouping and packing sachets on a tamper evident carton are also possible.

Packaging Automation System -  Multi-Lane Sachet Packaging System by Bosch
Image Courtesy: Unified Flex Packaging Tech

Read more about Bosch’s pharmaceutical packaging automation systems.

#3 - Soft-controlled Pick & Place Case Packing Solutions

Blueprint Automation has introduced Spider series of a vision-guided robotic case and tray loading. With cameras used as sensors, these machines can handle packages of any dimensions. For packaging different products, the operator needs to change only the product code in the system. The end-effector and cassette then automatically adapt to process the next bag and case size.

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#4 - Cost-effective Automated Box Packaging Technology

The Orfer BoxCellPlus from Toshiba Machines is capable of opening, folding the flaps, filling the boxes, and sealing in a go. This compact device saves secondary packaging time and efforts and is especially useful for shipping a large number of goods.

Packaging Automation System - Orfer BoxCellPlus from Toshiba Machines
Image Courtesy: Orfer

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#5 - Simultaneous Foiling and Wrapping

Horizontal flow wrapper from Omron Industrial Automation is capable of detecting the product and then applying the packaging. Suitable for food packaging, the device uses cold-seal technology for foiling and outer packaging. This automation machinery saves a complete round of packaging process by simultaneously applying foil and wrapper.

Packaging Automation System - Horizontal flow wrapper from Omron Industrial Automation
Image Courtesy: OMRON, Europe

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#6 - Automating the Existing Machinery

Its true packaging machinery is expensive and a well functioning device cannot be replaced overnight with its automated counterpart. The automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz GmbH & Co. offers an easy and safe way to automate existing plant or machinery. The technology is compatible with hardware from the different industrial sector, including the packaging industry.

Packaging Automation System - PSS 4000 - automating existing machinery
Image Courtesy: LinkedIn

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What is the Future of Packaging Automation?

With technology becoming more scalable and global, medium and large scale manufacturers are definitely going to opt-in for automation of product packaging. The bigger advantage of packaging automation is safety for humans while handling heavy duty items.

Research is ongoing to reduce the size of machinery and also the cost of installation in the long run so that the packaging process can be automated for everyone.

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