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Table of Contents

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Kinder Joy: Here's Why It Has The Perfect Packaging For Kids

April 3, 2024
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About Kinder Joy

Launched in 2001, Kinder Joy is one of the many products under the 40-year-old Ferrero brand. Kinder Joy is a unique snack: a milky cream and a cocoa cream with two crispy wafer balls– accompanied by a toy in each egg.

Unboxing Joy

Kinder Joy can either be bought as a single piece or a box of 8. The company uses thin flute corrugated box with slits across its sides for convenient opening. Unlike a normal corrugated box, Kinder Joy opens in a very unique fashion, as shown in the picture below. It becomes a display for customers wanting just 1 piece.

Kinder Joy - Collection Box
Image Courtesy:

The design on the box is not so subtle. With orange and white as its main color, it uses the picture of the crispy wafer balls splashing into the milk cream. In terms of colors, Kinder Joy uses gender customization to be more appealing. For girls, it is pink with pictures of Barbies, while for boys it is brushed in blue with Transformers as the cover photo. Even though the design is not modern or subtle, straying from the norm of today, it surely does a great job of attracting its target audience, i.e., kids. With endless brands crying for attention on retail shelves, the 5-second choice window is what converts sale, and Kinder Joy packaging successfully does the trick. The box design smartly displays the other unsold Kinder Joys in a very systematic manner. Since the Kinder Joys are egg shaped, the box has an egg tray inside for holding the chocolates steady. The egg tray is manufactured using PP.

Kinder Joy - One Pack
Image Courtesy: Packaging strategies

The Big Bright Orange Egg

What sets Kinder Joys’ packaging apart from other confectionery products is its unique, colorful, handy egg. Unlike the usual trend of going for rectangular or square shape, the choice of an egg is an extremely smart move. Let’s see why.

Kinder Joy - Egg-Shaped Packaging
Image Courtesy: Pinterest
  • Visual display done right - It is quite difficult for rectangular chocolates to stand on shelves for display. Hence, these are usually stacked- one on top of another. Considering little kids are drawn to visually colorful items, this stacking completely misses the point. Placing the eggs over an egg tray keeps it upright attracting kids from afar.
  • Curvy is in vogue - Inherently, children are attracted to differently shaped objects. This makes the egg shape a perfect idea. Also, unlike the big rectangular bars, the oval egg can be perfectly clasped into small hands.

HIPS or PP is used for the outer covering of the egg. It is sturdy but cheap in quality. As you break the egg, it divides into two perfect halves. One-half has a spoon attached to the sleeve. The sleeves are quite neatly cut and sealed, using hot sealing, on the edges of the oval.

Kinder Joy - Inside the Packaging
Image Courtesy: Confectionary News

Peeling these sleeves is extremely easy for children. There is a small flap which makes it extremely easy to peel the eggs neatly. If you closely look at the size of the Kinder Joy egg, it is impossible to fathom the little universe you find inside! But somehow, the creators have neatly packed so much, it is almost unbelievable. One-half of the cup serves as a small bowl to scoop the wafers and cream without the fear of spilling it. The other half is filled with makeshift toys, and also an instruction pamphlet.

Bizongo Grade

Bizongo Score: 10/10

In terms of packaging, Kinder Joy is simply a marvel. It is a complete package for a kid to purchase repeatedly. The research and thought put into the complete user experience- from ensuring it can be conveniently eaten anywhere without spilling, to attracting the target audience in just a couple of seconds, the packaging and design of Kinder Joy is a genius on its own.

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