Take your business online with Bizongo's Seller Platform

After an exciting journey of around three-and-a-half years, Bizongo has come a long way in revolutionizing the $40 billion packaging industry in India. Over7500 sellers have registered with Bizongo since the web platform was launched, and we currently serve over 4500 unique businesses every month. We are extremely proud to announce our next big endeavor to simplify business processes for our sellers: the Bizongo Seller Platform.

The Idea of Bizongo Seller Platform

The key to building powerful technology solutions lies in a deep and clear understanding of problems which the market faces. All through the exceedingly inspired product development process, we followed a ground rule: saving time and improving efficiency matter the most to businesses. That is why we redesigned a holistic mobile solution, addressing every little pain point that our sellers face each day of their operations. We built what they need, and we also built what they want. All into a single platform, the Bizongo Seller Platform.

Power at Fingertips

With a thoroughly researched user experience design, the Bizongo has been developed as a native application that uses the latest React Native framework. A single codebase launches seamless functionalities to the application while ensuring the same native experience, and reducing the development time to nearly half. Processing orders, handling shipments, managing inventory, and tracking settlements are some — but not all — of the important tasks that one can strike off their to-do lists every day. Real-time updates and notifications are integrated to enable businesses to function with improved efficiency and without the age-old hassles and boundaries.

Bizongo - Packaging Manufacturer Network

Much More to Come

Envisioning the growth and better organization of industries in India, we promise to bring a horde of new features to the Bizongo Partner Hub Platform for solving a ton of other problems. We have built the application in a fashion which gives it the capacity to evolve itself into the ultimate business power tool. But we don’t stop there. Along with solutions for our sellers, we have built an array of technology platforms for our buyers too: the Procure Live(a one-stop procurement and inventory management solution), the Store (an automated solution for online marketplace sellers) and of course, the Bizongo website. As you read this, we are busy building more efficient, elegant and enterprise-oriented solutions which are bound to inspire awe.

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