Innovative Label Designs Changing the Packaging Landscape

One cannot ignore the fact that the label can upscale your brand identity and plays an important role in affecting the purchasing habits of customers. Especially when the potential customers are millennials, manufacturers are keeping note of every possible aspect - storytelling, colors, minimalism, material, etc. to incorporate in their label designs.

Following are some of the remarkable creative label designs from the leading brands.

This Label Design Is a Story Untold

Treasury Wine Estates in their ongoing campaign - 19 crimes have brought an exceptional blend of augmented reality technology with label design.

Each wine label features one of the 19 infamous convicts sentenced to exile in Australia. When the user scans the image on the wine label using 19 crimes app, the convict starts speaking his side of the story.

Designed by San Francisco's Tactic Studio, this label design is taking creativity with technology to new heights. The following video illustrates how the user can interact with the company's wine labels.

Courtesy: 19crimes_MusicA from Tactic on Vimeo.

Big Data in Small Labels

NanoMatrix® has developed smart labels, which are customizable, tamper evident, and connected with big data analytics.

The labels are capable of capturing consumer behavior data related to the product. This can help manufacturers understand customers in the long run. Even the customers can participate in companies’ campaigns by simply scanning the TrackMatriX® QR code.

nanomatrix - innovative label designs

You can read more information about this label here.

Innovative Ink for a Contemporary Label Designs

G3 Enterprises has developed an innovative ink under the brand name G INK™ Reflection. It is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly substitute to hot foiling technique.

Using this ink, Sterling Creatives Works tried to replicate the shine of the foil in the wine package design.

This innovation is a green and low-cost embellishment for premium labels.

G ink - innovative label designs

Image courtesy: www.sterlingcreativeworks.com[/caption]

You can read more information about this innovative ink here.

RFID Technology Enabled Labels

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology makes use of electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags attached to objects.

Avery Dennison Corporation has incorporated this technology in designing labels for different industries like healthcare, aviation, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, supply chain, etc. The ultra-high frequency RFID label inlays help in tracking objects and is a tested method for automatic identification and data capture. Designing pharmaceutical labels embedded with RFID technology helps in tracking medicines and sensitive drugs to reach the patient in time.

RFIS - innovative label designs

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Label Design Making the Product Stand Out

Winner of IMDA 2018 awards for best label design, Berger Corporation Limited has introduced metalized film labels on its Beger Shield 5 Star paint packaging. This label uses in-mold labeling process and gives the metal-feel to the plastic pails.

It is a sustainable approach because in-mold labeling uses less labor and machinery. Additionally, with this label, plastic is working as a substitute for metal cans.

Berger premium - innovative label designs

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