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Table of Contents

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Fashion Retail Packaging: Moving Out of the Box

April 3, 2024
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Ralph Lauren’s polo shirts made from 100% recycled bottles are giving a new dimension to the fashion retail industry. Each shirt uses 12 post-consumer plastic bottles and complies with the organization’s sustainability goals. But, apart from sustainability, brands are facing more challenges like optimizing packaging cost, branding, creating a packaging that retains with the user, and ready to ship small packages. Following are the recent innovative fashion retail packaging, which are wooing the customers.

Paper and Plastic Free Possibilities with Paptic®

A Finland-based startup PAPTIC® is on the quest of creating packaging, which combines the features of paper and plastic. Paptic® packaging is an environment-friendly alternative to paper and plastic. It is reusable and safe to use in everyday life. It incorporates high-quality print features like that of paper and packaging efficiency of plastics. At present, the French fashion giant Galeries Lafayette is using Paptic® bags at its retail outlets.

innovative fashion retail packaging - Paptic

You can read more about this innovative packaging material here.

Agraloop™ Producing Scalable Bio-materials for Packaging

The Agraloop™ from Circular Systems Bio-refinery uses pineapple leaves, banana trunks, and sugar cane bark to create packaging, which is scalable for mass production. With clients like Levis, H&M, etc. the company produces natural fibers from food crop waste.

You can read more about Agraloop™ technology here.

JD.COM’s Reusable and Returnable Packaging

The Chinese e-commerce giant has introduced eco-friendly returnable packaging for small to medium sized parcels. In the pursuit of reducing e-commerce waste through green logistics, the company targets to save $4.68million annually.

innovative fashion retail packaging - returnable shipping box

You can read more about this initiative here.

Loomia’s e-Textiles

The New York-based Loomia Soft Circuit Systems produces scalable e-textiles. This technology adds functionalities like heat, sense, and light detection to the fabrics. Catering to a wide array of fashion retail solutions, the e-textiles can make anyone an Iron Man in flexible clothing.

innovative fashion retail packaging - loomia

You can read more about Loomia’s Electronic Layer (LEL) technology here.

H&M’s Packaging That Turns into a Wardrobe Hanger

H&M has devised a great way to reuse its packaging. By simple folding, the package turns into a hanger. The benefits that the company gains from this packaging strategy is - one, it reflects the company’s drive towards sustainability. Two, the consumer is interacting more with the brand through the packaging.

Apart from the fashion retail industry, many other brands are deploying creativity with cardboard packaging.

innovative fashion retail packaging - H&M

You can have a look at more creative use of cardboard packaging here.

Allbirds’ Second Chance to Cardboard Packaging

Allbirds, a New Zealand based company makes its shoes from natural wool fabric and its packaging from 90% post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes. The company also inspires users to go creative on the cardboard packaging instead of gift-wrapping.

innovative fashion retail packaging - allbirds

You can read more about Allbirds’ packaging materials here.

Lee Cooper’s One Bag with Thousand Uses

Another remarkable example of packaging design creativity is Lee Cooper’s takeaway bag. It can be cut and folded into a number of board games, stationery holders, organizers, etc.

You might also like to read about easy to make paper gift box ideas.

Lacoste’s Display-Prop Packaging

Lacoste, a leading French sportswear brand uses Greyboard (or plain board), which is an inexpensive yet durable cardboard box for its shoe packaging. Lined with attractive wrap, this packaging box is more function oriented. The durability of the box also makes it advance from shelf to the display.

innovative fashion retail packaging - lacoste sportswear

You can read more information about this box here.

Do you know of any other fashion retail brands catching attention with amazing packaging tactics?

Let us know in the comments below.

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