Innovations in Packaging Industry | September 2017

Add some flavor to packaging with new innovations this month!

This September marked the Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging event in Olympia, London held on 13th and 14th with several packaging, branding, marketing, and design professionals sharing a common roof. Packaging is one of the world’s fastest evolving markets and it is important to stay updated with the latest trends prevailing in the industry. Hence, we have brought to you impeccable packaging innovations for the month of September.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Light Emitting Packaging

Everything that glitters may not be gold; it could be your packaging too! Saralon GmbH has created an attractive light-emitting box, which has a printed illuminated display on foil, or paper, laminated on a corrugated box. The illuminated displays can also be made on the bottle label and even glass bottles, apart from simple cardboard boxes.

Packaging Innovation- Light Emitting Packaging
Image Courtesy: Saralon GmbH

This packaging technique is meant for premium products, that are in a constant quest for a new packaging design. There is an inbuilt tiny inverter, which lights up the display on opening the box, thus giving a glittering appeal to the packaging.

You can read about this innovation in detail here.

Packaging Innovation #2 - Multi-Page Wrap-Around Wet Peel Labels

It is a huge challenge for manufacturers to design labels for small sized packaging, especially those whose requirements include printing extensive mandatory information on every single unit like a list of ingredients, dose, health warnings, batch numbers, storage information, and other details.

Packaging Innovation- Multi-Page Wrap-Around Wet Peel Labels
Image Courtesy: Denny Bros

The experts at Denny Bros Ltd. created multi-page wrap-around wet peel labels that work effectively with smaller packaging. The said packaging provides sufficient space/ pages for the information, and eliminates the need for a separate information leaflet, thereby reducing the packaging waste, simplifying inventory, and improving the production line speed.

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Packaging Innovation #3 -3D Packaging Design

iC3D is a real-time package design software which generates 3D digital mockups for cartons, labels, flexible packages, bottles, and wraps. It also creates an in-store visualization of the storage. The software reduces the design proofing time and approving the packaging material even before the first unit is being created!

Packaging Innovation -3D Packaging Design Software | iC3D
Image Courtesy: Labels & Labeling

The iC3D software enables visualization of the 3D packaging design, embossing, debossing, foil, and other finishes. It also incorporates a direct link to Adobe Illustrator, thus making customizing of the packaging easier. You can read more about this innovation here.

Packaging Innovation #4 - 99% Product Evacuation in Flexible Packaging -

Flexible packaging has already been proclaimed to add consumer convenience and the VersaSpout, a flexible pouch designed by Glenroy Inc is solving the problem of complete product evacuation.

Packaging Innovation -  99% Product Evacuation in Flexible Packaging -
Image Courtesy: Flexible Packaging

It is a ready to dispense, gravity-fed pouch, that eliminates the need for utensils and cleanly dispenses the materials inside. It comes with an easy-to-open flip cap, a built-in tamper evident pull ring, and an anti-spill squeeze valve, manufactured by Aptargroup. The VersaSpout is suitable for viscous food products (for example, honey), cosmetics, and medicinal ointments.

You can read more details about this product here.

Packaging Innovation #5 - Compostable Packaging

TIPA corporation has developed a home compostable packaging that decomposes 100%  naturally in just 180 days, thus becoming an excellent fertilizer for the soil.

Packaging Innovation- Compostable Packaging | TIPA
Image Courtesy: Circular Conversations

The packaging is durable and impermeable, just like any ordinary plastic. It is suitable for packing fruits and vegetables and food items- especially dry, baked, and frozen foods. After using this compostable packaging, one can dispose of the same as food waste or into the composter.

If you want to read more about this product in detail, click here.

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Final Words..

The packaging industry is becoming as important as the manufacturing itself with innovations trying to solve problems like reducing packaging cost, inventory, design, space, and most importantly, the concern for environmental sustainability. Do you know about any packaging innovation from the ones mentioned above? Tell us about it in the comment section below and we would love to include it on the list! Stay tuned for more updates on the inventions happening in the packaging industry across the world!