Innovations In The Packaging Industry | May 2018

Traversing back to basics, when packaging was used multiple times before being discarded organizations are attempting to create packaging solutions, which not only appeals to the customers but also reduces their carbon footprint associated with recycling. In this series of packaging innovation, we bring to you packaging that is worth preserving.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Refillable Perfume Bottle

Wade Ceramics Ltd has designed fragrance bottles with a vintage touch, which can also be refilled. The bottles are made of ceramic with a glaze (shiny coat). The colors used are lead-free making it environment-friendly. The base material used is ceramics which are durable and ensures a barrier against moisture keeping the fragrance intact for a long time.

Packaging Innovation - Refillable Perfume Bottle
Image Courtesy: Wade Ceramics

You can read more information here.

Packaging Innovation #2 - Chandelier for Vodka

Absolut Elyx, a luxury vodka brand has its premium packaging designed by Dapy Paris in the form of a chandelier. The design incorporates an ice bucket with its base set with acrylic molded crystals. The crystals are linked with each other through metal rings. The framework can be carried on a table with Absolut Elyx bottle inside.

Packaging Innovation - Chandelier-like for Absolut Vodka
Image Courtesy: Dieline

You can read more information here.

Packaging Innovation #3 - Black Is The New Amber

Rawlings & Son (Bristol) Ltd have designed black glass bottles for its client Cotswold Brew Co. The black color of the packaging is due to the glass and not a paint coating. The benefit of using black glass instead of painting glass bottle black is it is free from scratches due to shipping and handling. This innovative packaging also increases the shelf life of the beverages by protecting against UV radiations.

Packaging Innovation - Black Beverage Bottle
Image Courtesy: EeBria Trade

The bottles are recyclable and reusable.

You can read more information here.

Packaging Innovation #4 - Food-Safe Ribbons

Ribbons are widely used for decorating cakes and in the making of fancy edibles. Berisfords Ltd has designed a range of food safe ribbons and bows. The ribbons are made from natural raw materials preventing dye transfer and staining of fats and sugar.

Packaging Innovation - Food-Safe Ribbons
Image Courtesy: Amazon

These ribbons are safer to use on edibles as they are least reactive with the food.

You can read more information here.

Packaging Innovation #5 - Acrylic Dispenser For Creams & Moisturizers

Raepak Ltd has designed triple lotion dispensing pump and bottle made from acrylic. The material used to make this dispenser ensures excellent resistance to sunlight. The bottle is rigid and can last for years. The design is also worth a place in women’s dressing table. It is suitable for a sequence of cosmetics like hand creams, face creams, moisturizers, etc.

Packaging Innovation - Acrylic Dispenser For Creams & Moisturizers
Image Courtesy: Raepak Ltd

You can read more information here.

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