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Dose of Innovative Pharmaceutical Packaging You Surely Need

April 3, 2024
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In pharmaceutical packaging, branding comes secondary. Ensuring the medicines are safe is of prime importance. The main factors driving innovations in the pharmaceutical packaging industry are safe for both- drugs and patients. That is why the new packaging are trying to include smart solutions like microprocessor chips for tracking and reminding patients of accurate dosage. In this series of packaging innovations, we bring to you the recent trends in the pharmaceutical packaging industry.

Label That Indicates Proper Storage of Medicines

At present, what we consider while purchasing the medicine is only its expiry date. Have we ever thought at this angle- is the medicine stored properly and is suitable for consumption? Realizing the importance of proper storage conditions, Hally Labels has designed Thermochromic labels for pharmaceutical packaging. This label changes color and indicates that the medicine is not stored in a specified temperature. Hally Labels uses irreversible thermochromic ink for making pharmaceutical labels. This ink retains the change in color, once the temperature changes. This technique is highly useful for the sensitive pharmaceutical packaging like the ones which require deep freezing and delicate handling.

Temperature Sensitive Labels
Temperature sensitive labels
Image: IndiaMART

Packaging That Reminds Patient to Take Medicines

The pharmaceutical packaging industry is not untouched by the advancement of technologies. Westrock, under the brand name CerePak®, has designed a microprocessor enabled packaging to track the dosage. Interestingly, the microprocessor chip is not visible through the packaging but tracks removal of each tablet from the pack. The packaging also includes the “prompt” technology to remind patients to take medicines through vibration and light. Furthermore, tracking the patient’s dosage can help ease clinical trials.

Smart Packaging that reminds patients to take medicines
Image: Westrock

You can read more information about this packaging here.

Intelligent Inhaler

According to a report from 3M, about 94% of the people don’t use inhalers properly. The company is developing a 3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler, to help the patients reduce mistakes while using inhalers. The device uses breath-actuation and instructs patients to use correctly. Additionally, one can connect the intelligent control inhaler with smartphones to set a reminder and send feedback about the device.

3M™ Intelligent Control Inhaler
Image: Lungdiseasenews

Please note, this product is under development and currently not available in the market for personal use. You can read more information about this device here.

Self Dose Patient Controlled Injector

West Pharmaceutical Services Inc. has introduced self-dose injection syringes under the trademark SelfDose™. It is suitable for patients who take regular doses via injection likewise insulin dose. This innovation can help minimize pain as compared to spring-based and syringe injectors. This injector also has an option to customize needle depth to optimize drug absorption.

Self Dose Patient Controlled Injector
Image: Drug-dev

You can read more information about this device here.

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All in One Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap

Let’s not leave the animal health unaccounted. Virbac group has invented a smart cap dispenser to reduce contamination due to handling. The user can extract liquid into a vial (a small container) by connecting a syringe to the smart cap. The smart cap ensures the remaining liquid stays decontaminated. In respect of “good medical practices,” Virbac’s multidose delivery cap is very thoughtful. This pharmaceutical packaging design from Virbac won the PharmaPak award for 2018. This smart cap also has potential application in pharmaceutical packaging for the human.

Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap
Image: Packaging Connections

Contactless Multidose Delivery Cap[/caption]You can read more information about the contactless multidose delivery cap here. In Addition, to understand the prevailing pharmaceutical packaging trends in India, kindly browse through the packaging journey of Emcure Pharmaceutical Ltd. here. Whatsoever be the packaging, it is also important to keep medicines afar from the reach of children. To know how to do that, learn about child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging. Also, know about the packaging challenges the pharmaceutical industry faces and how to solve them here.

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