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Table of Contents

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Innovations in Packaging Security Features

April 3, 2024
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Years ago, inscribing trademark on the product or sticking a hologram was the only mark of authenticity. Even packaging was just a wrap-around because of limited sales. But today, with e-commerce, brands are witnessing an abrupt increase in sales, and so is the scale of production. With this comes a responsibility to deliver the product safely to the customers. And here occurs a challenge to incorporate packaging safety features sustainable with the scale of production. Following are the remarkable innovations in the packaging security features.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Every Package is Unique

CrownSecure™ from Crown Holdings, Inc. is a digital QR (quick response) coding system. The distinct feature of this code is it assigns a singular identity to each package. It is feasible for application in scale; i.e. even tissue papers package can include this unique code without much cost overhead.

CrownSecure™ Cloud Datamatrix database stores product information from manufacturing to expiry including supply-chain behavior. Manufacturer, supplier, retailer, or consumer can access desirable information by simply scanning the QR code.

Packaging Innovation - QR codes
Image Courtesy: Crown Holdings

You can read more information about this innovation here.

Packaging Innovation #2 - The Packaging Sherlock

Tag, test, and track is the fundamental of SigNatureⓇ molecular ink. It is a specialty ink with forensic capabilities. It makes the anti counterfeit measures in packaging industry feasible. The system includes molecular ink, an inkjet printer, and a portable infield reader. Any code, number, or information printed with this ink makes verification of the product’s origin possible with a simple test.

Watch the video yourself for a deeper insight.

You can read more about this innovative ink here.

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Packaging Innovation #3 - A Step Closer

Thin Film Electronics ASA is the forerunner in creating smart labels for brand protection and consumer engagement. For example, Thinfilm's NFC SpeedTap™ tags helped a winemaker discover an ideal time to engage with customers leading to a 30% increase in sales.

Packaging Innovation - Smart Llabels
Image Courtesy: Security Ledger

You can read more information about this tag and more here.

Packaging Innovation #4 -Securing Shipments

Nefab Group has introduced a three-tier solution to cargo theft. Tier one includes hard security features on corrugated packaging like unique pallet id, RFID tracking, etc. Tier two incorporates enhanced security through sensors, geofencing, etc. The third tier is built on plastic or aluminum cases with intelligent security layers. Depending on the requirement, one can opt for either or all tiers of security.

Packaging Innovation -Securing Shipments
Image Courtesy: Nefab

You can read more information about the severity of cargo theft and Nefab’s packaging security features here.

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The Bottom Line

Counterfeit products totally ruin the manufacturers' reputation. Brands are determined from head to toe to fight this challenge. And that's why we see substantial packaging innovations in the field of anti-counterfeit measures.  

Another set of innovations in packaging security features to notice is traceability. Observing the product flow from manufacturer to consumer and observing consumer behavior can help in better demand planning. Stay tuned for more updates on innovations in the packaging industry.

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