Innovations In The Packaging Industry | June 2018

It’s shocking that about 10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea every year, out of which 50 percent used only once. A large part of it involves ready-to-eat packaging and tiny-retail pouches.

With the aim of reducing this landfill, many manufacturers are switching to plant-based and recyclable raw materials for packing their products.

In this series of packaging innovations, we bring you some of the recyclable food packaging worth notice.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Reusable Food Crate

ECOPACK green box ltd has designed a reusable frame-and-bag crate to reduce waste in supply chain distribution channels. The Ecopack food crate is lightweight and comprises a frame and a replaceable organic biodegradable bag. Since the biodegradable bag can be replaced after one or multiple uses, it is more hygienic than traditional crates.

Packaging Innovation- Ecopack Biodegradable & Reusableood Crate
Image Credits: Packaging Digest

These crates require lower energy in production and transportation.

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Packaging Innovation #2 - Compostable Oven-Friendly Tray

Colpac Ltd has introduced disposable trays made of compressed cellulose from sugarcane fibers under the trade name Zest™. These trays can compost and are recyclable. They function same as microwave trays and can be customized to have lids. For branding, it is possible to label these trays.

Packaging Innovation - Compostable Oven-Friendly Tray
Image Credits: Bakery & Snacks

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Packaging Innovation #3 - Recyclable Walki Seal

Walki Group has invented high barrier polymer coated paper packaging under trade name WALKI®SEAL HB for dehydrated food like coffee, tea, and spices. This type of packaging won’t use the aluminum coating for barrier against moisture and the polymer coat suffices the requirement. The packaging made from WALKI®SEAL HB polymer is recyclable and can be burnt to produce energy without emitting any harmful gases.

Packaging Innovation - Recyclable Walki Seal
Image Courtesy: Walki

The packaging itself has good organoleptic properties and retains the same for the content inside.

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Packaging Innovation #4 - Carboard-Based Packaging

Quorn™, a registered trademark of Marlow Foods has phased out the use of black plastic in its product packaging. For a range of products, Quorn uses Foil trays, Film bags, Clear trays, Cartons, and Cardboard sleeves which are made of recycled cardboard. The outer cases of the Quorn products are made from cardboard sourced from sustainable resources.

Packaging Innovation - Carboard-Based Packaging
Image Courtesy: Packaging Europe

Please note, according to WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) guidelines announced in April 2017, black plastic was eliminated from the list of recyclable plastics in the UK.

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Packaging Innovation #5 - M’steam Tray Lidding Film

Alert Packaging Ltd has introduced M’steam® Diamond Retort tray lidding for easy steam cooking food. The lid provides a controlled environment for cooking food in microwave ovens. The packaging comprises a tray and a lid which ensures low oxygen transmission through the film. The tray is made of food grade PP (Polypropylene) and the lid lining is made from PA/PP (Polyamide/Polypropylene) polymers.

Packaging Innovation- M’steam Tray Lidding Film
Image Courtesy: Alert Packaging

The lidding is compatible with the existing production line and suitable for post pack pasteurization. Even printing is possible on the lid for branding and with multiple layers in the lid, the printing ink cannot seep into the food.

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