Innovations In Packaging Industry | October 2017

Solving the Millennials’ Retail Dilemma

You know what’s unique with the Millennials? Millennials represent almost 30% of the world’s population as of October 2017. With such huge numbers on their side, brands across the world have to woo this millennial generation in order to stay relevant.  It is this high level of consumption from this generation which makes them unique. Unlike ever before, companies dealing in electronic goods, clothes, perfume, food, and even antique furniture wares, are all focused on selling to this generation.

Given the amount of worldly exposure, Millennials have been subjected to, it has definitely not gone in vain. The level of awareness and sensitivity pertaining to societal issues like global warming, LGBTQ…, racism, sexism, bullying, animal care, and various others have increased exponentially. Unlike our ancestors, the Millenials are quite alert as to how a certain product is advertised, sold or packaged. They literally have the power to decide the fate of a company.

An age-old company can hit rock bottom sales if an insensitive message through its campaign is sent out. On the other hand, one may think it is impossible for a product to work in the market. And what do you know next? The Millennial generation, in all its support and strength back the product to become successful. This month, we bring to you innovations in packaging that fit in with the immediate requirements of the Millennials and address the important “Go Green” cause.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Pizza Pod Made From Sugarcane Fiber

After the last big innovation in pizza packaging, i.e. the pizza saver; the next comes the “Zume Pizza” signature packaging. The packaging is made from sugarcane fiber, which helps to elevate pizza from the bottom through the ridges. Otherwise, this is not possible with the traditional cardboard packaging. The packaging is completely biodegradable and compostable and doesn’t leave any taste on the pizza.

Packaging Innovation - Zume Pizza
Image Courtesy - Pinterest

You can read more details about this innovation here.

Packaging Innovation - Compostable Packaging

Packaging Innovation #2 - Milk Bottles Made From Carton

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it? I mean, do we call it a bottle or a carton?! But, Tetra Pak has designed a liquid packaging- Tetra Evero Aseptic bottle, especially for dairy products that looks like a glass or plastic bottle but is actually made from a carton. It has a cylindrical body with flat side panels for easy gripping. The spout of the carton is also made from recyclable high-density polyethylene and can be easily separated from the carton body for recycling and it caters to all the properties of tetra packaging for liquid. So, no more cutting plastic milk packets and worrying about storing the remaining content.

Packaging Innovation - TetraPak - Carton Bottle
Image Courtesy: Dairy Foods Magazine

You can read more details about this product here.

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Packaging Innovation #3 - Biodegradable Water Bottles

The biodegradable water bottle is designed by a product design student- Ari Jonsson from Iceland Academy of Arts. The bottle is made from red algae powder, which forms a jelly-like material with water. The mixture can be molded into the shape of the bottle. The bottle will start to decompose after it is empty. Jonsson claims that it is edible if one is fine with the taste of algae.

Packaging Innovations - Biodegradable Water Bottles
Image Courtesy: Dezeen

You can read more details about this innovation here.

Packaging Innovation #4 - Integrated Spoon With Ice Cream Cups

Froneri ice cream has introduced mini ice cream tubs of 140 ml with an integrated spoon in the lid. This technique is helping in increasing the consumer as well as vendor convenience. The packaging is developed by Plasticos Regina and appeals to seekers of on-the-go ice cream. Consumers can remove the spoon from over the lid directly and enjoy the ice cream. The spoon remains intact throughout the filling and supply chain processes.

Packaging Innovation - Froneri | Integrated Spoon With Ice Cream Cups
Image Courtesy: Packaging Strategies

You can read more details about this packaging here.

To End It....

Companies with sustainable packaging solutions will definitely find a more loyal audience in the coming years. We appreciate the efforts and innovations taking place in the packaging world meant to reduce waste and prevent hazardous repercussions.

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