Innovations In Packaging Industry | November 2017

This November, in our packaging innovation series, we bring to you creative and unique packaging solutions that encourage consumers to either reuse or opt-for environment-friendly packaging.

Packaging Innovation #1 - Isothermal Containers

Cascades Inc., a leading green packaging solution provider has developed an insulated box, entirely built using recycled materials. Named as The Northbox, it is an isothermal container suitable for shipping temperature-sensitive products like ready-to-eat meal kits, cold-pressed juice, groceries, etc.

Packaging Innovations - Insulated Box | The Northbox
Image Courtesy: Cascades

The Northbox containers are originally made from fibres that can be recycled multiple times. The insulation lining is attached with water-based glue and is encapsulated between plastic films. This eliminates the risk of cramping while repulping (a procedure in recycling). In this e-commerce era, where ideal packaging for perishables is still a constraint, Northbox is a distinctive and thoughtful sustainable packaging solution.

You can find more information about NorthBox here.

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Packaging Innovation #2 - Bag-in-Box

Rapak, a part of DS Smith Plastics, has developed an incredibly unique Bag-in-Box packaging, which fits into all the aspects of liquid packaging.

Packaging Innovation - Rapak Bag in Box Packaging
Image Courtesy: Amazon

The concept behind the Bag-in-Box packaging is that the liquid is filled in a flexible packet and enclosed within the cardboard box. The bag or packet can be replaced after the product is consumed and the box can be utilized again. The box gives the stiffness while storing and protects the packet inside against the damages during the transit. The outer box is usually made from cardboard. The inner bag is made from multi-layered metalized polyester, EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) films, or PE (Polyethylene). It can be further tailored to the company’s range of liquid filling nozzles and foil lamination for extended protection.

You can read more information about this packaging solution here.

Packaging Innovation #3 - No Waste Coffee Cup

San Francisco Bay Coffee has recently launched cent percent compostable coffee cups- The No Waste OneCup.

Packaging Innovation - No Waste Coffee Cup
Image Courtesy: SF Bay Coffee

All parts of this cup-like lid, ring, mesh filters and even the mother bag, or its outer packaging, are industrially compostable. The lid of the cup is made from paper and wood pulp and the ring and mesh filters from vegetable oil and plant starches. With coffee cups fast becoming one of the largest environmental polluters, this innovation is a remarkable step towards reducing the packaging waste associated with single-serve coffee cups.

For more information, click here.

Packaging Innovation #4 - 100% Biodegradable Cosmetic Packaging

Do you know why almost all beauty products use plastic packaging? The cosmetics need to be protected from the external environment to ensure longer shelf life. Well, Sulapec Ltd has developed a compelling 100 percent biodegradable packaging to help reduce the use of plastics in cosmetic packaging. This packaging is made from wood and Sulapec’s “barrier coating” protects the product inside from water, oil, and moisture.

Packaging Innovations - 100% Biodegradable Cosmetic Packaging
Image Courtesy: EcoBahn

You can read more information about this innovation here.

Packaging Innovation #5 - Popcorn Storage Tubs

Movies and popcorn have an impeccable connection. Millions of popcorn tubs are wasted, each day, across the world. To tackle this problem, American Cinema brand- Cinemark, recently launched reusable popcorn buckets where the customers can get their popcorn tubs refilled in their next visit to the cinema. The company distributed popcorns in a peelable IML packaging (in-mould labelling) manufactured by Fosco and labelled by Verstraete IML.

Packaging Innovations - Refillable Popcorn Storage Tubs
Image Courtesy: eBay

The peelable label carries the discount coupons and reward points, which can be easily peeled off from the packaging. After removing the label, the consumer gets a neutral packaging, which he can use as a storage container. So, after using the discount coupons, you can use the popcorn bucket to store goods or get it to the theatre, the next time you come to the theatre.

You can read more about this popcorn tub here.

Packaging Innovation - Cinemark Refill Coupons
Image Courtesy: Zuma ilmu 8

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