[Case Study] India's 1st Biodegradable Spill Proof Meal Tray

With the Karnataka plastic ban imposed in 2017, Design Square at Bizongo decided to take up an ambitious project that would help change the biodegradable landscape of India. The biodegradable market in India is still in its nascent stages, and hence products like cutlery and plates are widely available compared to containers. But companies looking for spill-proof, meal trays which could hold well during transportation and manual handling were at a loss on the supply side. The following case study will walk you through a detailed, end-to-end process of how this internationally acclaimed- 2018 Dieline Awards winner- the spill-proof biodegradable 5-compartment meal tray was innovated for the mass-market.

Working on this project with the Bizongo team was quite an experience. Building a product to help build a better environment and fulfill market needs was definitely exciting. They were quite professional, knowledgeable and it was a great experience overall.

- Jaskiran Singh Sahni

Bizongo Partner [Chandigarh]

To dive deep into the process of curation of this environment-friendly meal tray, read further.