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Table of Contents

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Festive Packaging Innovators: Brands Exceeding Expectations

April 3, 2024
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With Diwali just around the corner, all the brands are trying to woo their customers with innovative, colorful, smart or different product packaging. It is a riot of colors out there- on retail shelves and online websites to distinctly stand out and attract the attention of customers. Since gifting is a major tradition during Diwali, brands are leaving no stone unturned to win this marketing war.

And what better way than to let your packaging speak the loudest?

Hence, after analyzing and researching over 100+ packaging of products, we shortlisted the following four brands for different reasons. Read on to find out more!


In sync with their overall minimalistic brand voice, this festive season TeaBox brewed a perfect blend of design, product display, and elegance.

Why They Stood Out?

The main box is made from ITC virgin pulp paper with matt lamination and special one color printing. The matt lamination gives the box a beautiful, premium feel to it.

festive packaging - teabox

The box is partitioned into four rectangular spaces and holds four test tube-like casings made from glass plugged shut using a wooden cork. This is a real genius way to avoid the tea leaves from spoiling by getting into contact with moisture during transit and even after once it’s in use. The regular TeaBox packaging is quite different when compared to their festive packaging. You can read it here for a detailed review. Instead of closing the box with a lid, the product design team at TeaBox has used a sleeve instead to pack the box. The sleeve is made out of art paper with another layer of textured paper pasted on top. The two layers of paper give the sleeve enough thickness; encasing the box with an overall elegant and aesthetic impression.

Special Mention

The sleeve is in white with a small feather printed on the top. The logo and feather are in gold foiling done using hot foil stamping. Gold foiling is a very tricky process and looking at the intricacy of the feather design, the gold foiling on the TeaBox is exceptionally precise.

The Good Life Company (TGL Co.)

TGL Co. brings a blend of teas in a luxurious and sophisticated manner. Their festive packaging only magnified their conviction to providing a more luxurious experience.

Why They Stood Out?

The TGL box is a red in color with a hint of gold. It is a three piece box with an outer 5 panel folding of hardboard. A red color sheet with matt finish is pasted on the outer layer. To secure the box, it has a magnetic lock on the final closing panel.

festive packaging - the good life co tea
Image Credits: Amazon

A gold threaded string is attached on the outside of the box to elevate the look and also act as an auxiliary while opening it. The box opens to reveal a premium, two-piece inner tray with an assembly of hardboard. A gold sheet in matt is pasted for the packaging to exude royalty. The box contains 4 circular slots containing 3 tins and a sieve. The tins are gold in color with the TGL logo embossed on the lid. The lid is also circular and has an inner plastic lining for better gripping. It also tightly encloses the tea leaves, preventing the moisture from seeping. Since the inside of the tin is in direct contact with the tea leaves, a coating of food grade lacquer is sprayed.

Special Mention

What stood out for us was the royal look of TGL Co. It had ethnicity combined with simplicity and gave it the royal traditional look which the brand really wants to convey with their tea packaging.


PaperBoat is a brand focused on re-creating childhood memories with their drinks.

Why They Stood Out?

Staying true to their brand voice, their festive packaging is also designed to invoke nostalgia. The illustration on the box resembles a treasure or a memory box that one would own as a kid to keep their most prized possessions inside.

festive packaging - paperboat

The printing on the tin box is done using a technique called offset printing. PaperBoat has used 5 colors- blue, yellow, black, white and green, with special areas that are UV processed and are highlighted in gloss. The PaperBoat drink pouches are encased in a rectangular box made of a two-piece tin plate with lacquering inside both the pieces- lid and the container. Care has been taken to ensure the lacquering used is food grade as the product inside is for internal consumption. If you would like to get a detailed idea around PaperBoat pouches, you can find it here.

Special Mention

Moving away from the traditional Diwali norm of glossy or colorful packaging with traditional designs, PaperBoat decided to stay true to their theme. The packaging is inclusive of mild colors with a memory box theme.

Mars Shubh Avsar

Mars Shubh Avsar is a consolidated box of chocolates- Mars, Snickers and Bounty, specially designed for the festive season.

Why They Stood Out?

The carton has an easy tear-off at the back on the both the ends to neatly open it. It was extremely convenient and we really wish more brands would incorporate it to make it more consumer friendly. On the front, a small plastic window is pasted to display the chocolates from afar.

festive packaging - Mars Shubh Avsar

The box has a metalized structure with a white back. The printing uses a 7-color, texture UV/drip off effect. The box practically shines across the aisle. Even though the design on the front lacks color coordination and elegance, it definitely works in terms of attracting customers. The chocolates inside are kept in brown printed, whiteboard. Unlike chocolates like Eclairs and Melody, the chocolates inside are twisted wrapped & fully sealed.

Special Mention

While scouring through the retail shelves for exceptional chocolate packaging, the Shubh Avsar box caught our attention within a few seconds. The bright orange color, chocolates displayed from the little transparent window, golden lamination and the differently shaped box, all contributed towards catching our attention. Making the most of the festive season, these brands have transformed the face of their product packaging while still keeping their brand voice intact.

Has your company rolled out any unique packaging this festive season? We would love to know more about it! Share your product links or images and tell us all about it in the comments below.

Please note: None of the brands below have paid Bizongo to review their packaging. The analysis is solely based on our opinions given by our in-house experts. If you are a product company looking to get your packaging featured in this section, kindly drop us an e-mail to

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