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Table of Contents

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Edible and Application Oil Packaging Innovations

August 2, 2023
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Globally, the oil packaging sector is projected to reach $161.83 billion by 2025 including both edible and application oil packaging. The changing consumer preferences and demand for function-oriented packaging has streamlined the oil packaging industry for innovation. In this series of packaging innovations, we bring to you significant oil packaging innovations in recent years.

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#1. Improving Shelf Space Efficiency

Adani Wilmar has introduced square shaped bottles replacing its oval edible oil containers. This innovation has won the company 28th DuPont Diamond Awards for Packaging Innovation. The packaging improvements include-

  1. Inline roll fed label instead of manual shrink labeling.
  2. Lighter in weight without compromising strength.
  3. Square shape making the best use of cube-efficiency in space utilization.

Through this upgradation, the company is able to reduce the production cost by about 60% and logistics cost by about 15%.

Oil Packaging Innovations - Improving Shelf Space Efficiency

#2. Bag-in-Box Packaging

Bag-in-Box packaging requires 50 – 75 % less material than rigid containers. It also saves transportation and storage space. Moreover, this packaging design is able to dispense up to 99% of oil. Currently, the automotive industry is using this type of packaging.

Bag-in-Box- Oil Packaging Innovations
Bag-in-Box- Oil Packaging Innovations

Here's bag-in-box oil packaging from RPC Promens and Scholle IPN for more information.

#3. Water-based Coating in Edible Oil Packaging

Typically, refillable pouch packaging contains 5-7 layers of PE, tie-layer, nylon or EVOH (Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol) films. But, nylon and EVOH are non-recyclable components. Michelman, a leading packaging manufacturer has developed a water-based coating solution, which provides a perfect oxygen barrier for longer shelf life. This coating can replace the layer of nylon or EVOH and makes the oil packaging recyclable.

Water-based Coating in Edible Oil Packaging

You can read more info about this innovative packaging here.

#4. Application Oil Packaging with a Dispensing Chamber

Kaufman Container Bettix Dosing Bottles contains two chambers. One, for storing oil and second for measuring and dispensing them. This innovative design is useful in automotive, industrial chemical, and animal health industries. It eliminates the need for a measuring flask or dropper.

oil packaging innovations - 2 chambers oil bottle

You can read more information about this packaging design here.

#5. Handy Container Plus Dispenser for Gear Tube Installation

Amsoil Inc. has introduced multilayer pouches for storing and dispensing lubricants. Users find difficulty in dispensing oil through high-density polyethylene bottles while oiling and repairing work. The open, insert, and squeeze formula makes gear tube installation easy in automotive and heavy machinery industries. Also, this packaging can withstand a wide range of temperature.

Handy Container Plus Dispenser for Gear Tube Installation

You can read more information about this product here.

#6. Caramelized Sugar and Wax for Edible Oil Packaging

Tomorrow Machine has introduced an innovative idea for edible oil packaging. It uses caramelized sugar with bee-wax coating to create oil packaging. User can break the package like egg and use the oil. The package can withstand temperature up to 170 degree Celsius, making it durable for handling transit pressure. Also, the package is non-reactive with oil.

oil packaging innovations - sustainable material

Here are more innovative packaging from Tomorrow Machine.

Oil packaging is tricky as oil has a long shelf life. Therefore, oil packaging is expected to have a longer life. Plus, oil is slippery and combustible, so no manufacturer or supplier can afford a chance of spillage. As said-

Innovation is the only way to win.
- Steve Jobs

By solving users and manufacturers problems while handling, oil packaging sector can evolve in the long run.

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