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E-commerce Packaging Innovations: Revamping Logistics

April 3, 2024
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E-commerce has transformed business models in the world. The rising demand for faster delivery is changing the packaging industry drastically. According to a report from Mckinsey, the cost of global parcel delivery amounts to about €70 billion. Especially the last mile delivery calls for tech-equipped and efficient packaging. This article enlists the noteworthy e-commerce packaging innovations that walk in-line with the new-age dynamic retail industry.

Ultra Light and Reusable PET Bottles

PTI, a leading packaging products manufacturer has introduced 75% lighter PET retail shelf Dromo™ bottles. These bottles are refillable and are compatible with different housing and dispensing devices. It can withstand shipping with minimum secondary packaging as minimal as courier bags.

This first-of-its-kind PET packaging can save raw materials and shipping cost like never before.

e-commerce packaging innovations - PET packaging
Image Credits: Packaging Europe

You can read more information about Dromo Bottles here.

Build on Demand E-commerce Packaging

Autobag® 650™ from Automated Packaging Systems is an automatic filling and sealing machine, which complies with the packaging speed required for e-commerce retail. This machine is capable of cycling at the speed of 40 bags per minute along with labeling. The following video demonstrates the functioning of Autobag® 650™.

You can read more information about this product here.

Shipping-safe Tide Eco-box

P&G’s Tide Eco-box is an example of combined product and packaging innovation. The more concentrated liquid detergent is packed in a smaller and easy to store container made of 60% less plastic. Its No-Drip twist tap minimizes leaks and spills. Also, the primary container has a ramp built within to utilize every drop of the liquid detergent.

The Tide Eco-Box has been designed to reduce the environmental impact of shipping laundry detergent in e-commerce, which is a rapidly growing part of our business.

Elizabeth Kinney, Senior Manager, Communications, Fabric Care (North America), Procter & Gamble
e-commerce packaging innocations - tide eco box
Image Credits: PackWorld

You can read more information about Tide Eco-box here.

Liquid Packaging for E-commerce

Stress Engineering Services Inc. has conceptualized additional structurally independent sealing elements to the conventional liquid packaging closures. The new design elements which make liquid packaging safer for e-commerce include-

  1. Longer plug length to isolate sealing performance from stiffening caused by the roof of the closure. 
  2. A nub seal to reduce torque.
  3. A radial seal to engage with the outer surface.
  4. A compliant skirt seal that acts as a ‘belt and suspenders’ seal to provide a final liquid barrier between the bottle and the contents of the parcel.

You can read more information about this innovation here.

Reducing Secondary Packaging Materials

The MetaⓇ Centering case design from Westrock provides vertical load stability during stacking. It reduces secondary materials required to keep load integrity, like stretch film, strapping, etc. This design is compatible with automated pallet load systems.

e-commerce packaging innovations - reduce secondary packaging materials
Image Credits - Westrock

You can read more information about this packaging here.

Amazon’s Frustration Free Packaging

Amazon, the e-commerce giant has introduced guidelines for simple and environmentally sustainable packaging. It includes creating shippable primary packaging which can eliminate the need for secondary packaging. Frustration-Free Packaging also advises reducing packaging material, which eventually leads to reducing packaging logistics, shipping, recycling, waste disposal, and hence the overall carbon footprint. Adhering to these guidelines certifies the packaging as frustration-free and e-commerce ready. 

e-commerce packaging innovations - amazon frustration free packaging

You can read Amazon Packaging Certification Guidelines here.

Also, want to know why your business needs frustration free packaging?

Right-sized Shipping Box

E-commerce packaging requires cardboard shipping containers for individual and multiple items. If the shipping box is small, it might damage the items. And if the secondary packaging is larger then required, it will cost filler overhead. XPAK ROBOX™ is a built-in adaptive robot motion software that creates custom-sized secondary packaging. The operator needs to input length, width, and height of the box and the machine outputs the box of required dimensions. It also includes closure options of tapes, glues, and staples.

The pioneers to introduce this technology include Universal Robots and Xpak Modular.

Final Thoughts

The e-commerce industry will again witness a shift with the upcoming Drone delivery technology. According to Mckinsey’s forecast, changing consumer preferences and sustainability would be the next big drivers for innovations in the packaging sector.  

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